Boko Haram May Have Strong Foreign Connections

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza
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The Joint Task Force (JTF) “Operation Restore Order” in Maiduguri has said that the Boko Haram terrorists must have been receiving assistance from some foreign countries, as most of the weapons and equipment they use are so sophisticated that even the army lacks some of them.

Conducting the Borno state Governor Alhaji Kashim Shettima round the captured Boko Haram enclaves of Jajeri, Bulabilin Ngaranam and Faluja, the field commander of the JTF, Lt. Col. S S Ahmed said," the weapons and equipment recovered from the insurgents indicated that they were brought from foreign countries."

LT Col Ahmed said ," the house abandoned in those communities in the wake of insurgency were converted into a hiding place by terrorists and the houses were connected by tunnels to create an easy escaped root when the JTF try to attack them."

He said, "snipers among the terrorists usually climbed roof tops and trees and use sophisticated telescopes that can see clearly in the night to detect the movement of security personnel in order to launch an attack " adding that sometimes the JTF find it difficult to arrest them, as they

move through the tunnels from one place to the other.

The field commander commended the governor for assisting theJTF in restoring peace to the state, stressing that without

his assistance they won't have achieved what they have achieved now, and assured the governor that the insurgency

will soon be a thing of the past.
Our correspondent who was at the affected communities saw

carcasses of human beings killed by the insurgents littered all over the area and bunkers used by the terrorists as their armory, sophisticated arms were also recovered from

the hide out of the insurgents.
He also reports that after rooting out the terrorists, the affected communities of Bulabilin Ngarannam, Jajeri andFalluja were now occupied by the military and Volunteer vigilante groups and were calling on fleeing residents to return back to their houses, as normalcy has been restored.

Responding Governor Kashim Shettima thanked the JTF and its

leadership for restoring peace to the affected comunities and assured them that the state government is always ready to offer assistance to the JTF, so that peace will be restored completely.