He came to you as Mr. Right. You proudly walked hand in hand with him everywhere you went and described him as the best thing in your life. Your life seems incomplete without a word from him. You need his love more than Moses needs the rain

On your wedding day, you swore to love him till death separates him from you. Your pet name for him matches no other name and you want him to be the first thing you see when you wake up.

To God's glory, he becomes the father of your children.

Unfortunately, the inevitable happens. He betrays your love.

According to William Shakespear, hell has no fury like a woman scorned. In this situation, what would you do to revenge his act or something that, at least would assuage your anger?

Saturday Sun sought the views of some women on what would make them pour acid on their husbands

Here are their divergent views
Chief (Mrs.)Taiwo Ismaila
Why would I pour acid on my husband when I am not crazy? I don't see anything that will make me do it after all marriage is not by force. Instead of me to do that, I better go to my father's house. I think marriage is only a contract and not enforcement.

I would say that no matter the temptation, nothing will make me do such a thing. I will commit it to God. I will not allow blood pleasure to take over my life because of a man.

I believe that there is nothing God cannot do. I know He will take care of that situation for me,

Mrs. Catherine Iffe
God forbid; this kind of thing can only emanate out of the bitterness of the heart. It is when a wife might have been tortured in form of some invaders taking over what belongs to her. But for me, I will leave him if actually he loves me and let him go, believing that he will remember his children and would some day return to us. Instead of pouring acid on him, I will leave him for God.

Even if I meet him with another woman, in my characteristic manner, I will only shut the door of the venue. And knowing who my husband is and having understood me, he would know that shutting the door without any question or further reaction means more trouble. And I would think that the woman, too that trouble is looming. And if not, I will pour my anger on the woman, not my husband.

If I pour acid on him, I have already judged him. But I will patiently wait and he will come back and repair the bad road he destroyed.

Mrs. Janet Victor
I don't pray for such to come on me but should it come, I would not pour acid on him.

I will leave him for God to judge him. As a Christian, I will keep my husband because he is still the father of my children so pouring acid on him is invariably destroying a part of me. I think it amounts to wickedness at it's peak

Stephanie Ozokwere
The only thing that would make me pour acid on my fiancée or husband is if he wants to pour the acid on me, then, if I get hold of it, I can pour it on him to save myself. Aside from that, God forbid, nothing else would make me to do that.

If the situation gets to that level, the only thing I will do is to quit the relationship, after all marriage is not a do or die affair. If it fails with one man, it can succeed with another.

Mama Ada
Nothing will make me pour acid on my husband. Nothing withstanding, even if I catch him on our matrimonial bed with another women, I will not do that. That is murder and God did not approve of our killing a fellow human-being. More so, he's the father of my children. So why should I do that?

What ever he does, I'll leave him for God to judge. For God does the best judgment. And I believe that He alone can vindicate me at the right time.

Mrs. Oluchi Goddy
I cannot pour acid on my husband. He is human and was born by a woman just like myself just as I am born. Again, he is still my husband.

Mrs. Josephine Amadi
I can never do such a thing and I would never be a party to it. After all, the man is the bread winner of the family and if I pour acid on him, the children will suffer and no one will train them for me.

Also the police will come after her, that she has murdered somebody. And As a Christian, God will punish me greatly for doing that. Since vengeance is God's, I would gladly leave him for the just and faithful God instead of taking laws into my hands.

Any one who does this has committed a crime against humanity and such a woman should be dealt with when found.

Nnadi Angela
Well, men have always been a thorn on women's flesh but that notwithstanding, nothing would make me pour acid on my beloved husband who loved me as to marry me and feed me more than three times a day.

We all have our shortcomings and we should try to bear one another's weakness. The only thing that would make me get angry with my husband is if he dates my girl friend but that does not mean that I would pour acid on him, no matter how it hurts.

It is an atrocity to pour acid on people because nothing is new again on the face of the earth. Whatever my husband does, another person somewhere has done such or even worse than that so I am not ready to kill him, I would rather endure.

Chinyere Abazuonu
There is no difference between the man that kills with gun and the person that pours acid on another man. The bible says that if you look at your brother with hatred, you have committed murder so I would never try such in my life. Besides that, the man who came to marry me deserves my respect therefore, if you think that there is something he is doing that you don't like, the best thing to do, is to tell his people.

Ethel Okonkwo
I have not seen, neither have I imagined that which would make me pour acid on my husband. I just cannot do that because it is as good as killing him. When you disfigure him, who would you live with?

God told us to forgive so I would be willing to forgive whatever offence he might have committed. After all, nobody is perfect. Life is full of ups and downs and so whatever he might do, I will tolerate and forgive.