Ondo Jail break: Poilce recapture 54 inmates

By The Citizen

POLICE authorities in Ondo state Monday said that 54 of the 175 prisoners that escaped in a jail break on Sunday have been re arrested and returned to the prison custody.

This is coming as it described the newspaper report of deaths in the jail break as sensational journalism which is unethical.

A statement by the Image maker of the Command Wole Ogodo in Akure said that the fleeing prisoners were picked up in neighbouring villages and towns.

The heavily-armed gunmen attacked the prison in Akure, capital of southwest Ondo state, early on Sunday and freed the prisoners, he said.

None of the assailants have been arrested and investigations are underway to unravel all the circumstances surrounding the jailbreak.

Local Channels television showed footage of the hole in the prison wall through which the prisoners escaped as well as some bullets found on the floor after the attack.

Officials and local human rights activists say that more than 35,000 of Nigeria's about 50,000 prisoners are awaiting trial and they are kept in harsh conditions, including poor feeding.

The prison cells across the country are overcrowded while security around the jailhouses is inadequate.