Where we Are Today in Biafra

History stands upon history. Better individual and/or collective history is made when men give themselves in to learning from their history. No nation or people can move forward if they relegate their history to the background. For those who vehemently insist that the only way man can move forward and become successful is to forget his past, his history and to look ahead, you cannot be more wrong. To you I say, what irony! What ignorance! In forgetting your history, do you not know that you are altogether forgetting yourself? Wake up! Be wise! Ignorance is the foundation of the destruction of all that is good. Yet, for those who are ignorant, there is still hope because they can become aware and shift foundations. A man who is ignorant cannot be said to be a fool because fools have no hope. However, for him who thinks he knows but does not know, and would not dare to learn, to such has the spirit of hope escaped. There is hope for Biafra. There is hope for Biafrans who do not see the times, yet are willing. Our collective hope is our voice and our voice is Radio Biafra London. Here, at Radio Biafra London, we make bold to spread abroad the news of who we are, where we are today and where we have set to go and must get to.

On May, 30, 1967, Biafra, through the leadership of our ever-beloved father, daddy Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, and under the directive of the elders and leaders of the then eastern Nigeria, declared an independent Biafra. What followed was genocide against our people; genocide championed by the Nigerian government under the Jack, Yakubu Gowon, and ignorantly backed by the British, Russian and the Arab governments. Today, as a result of the genocide and the 'annihilate-the-Igbo' laws championed by the government of Nigeria and duly followed by non-Igbo and Non-Biafrans, 98 percent of Biafrans have lived decades in the comatose bed of Nigeria. From this percentage, about 20 more conscious Biafrans, who could no longer bear the humiliation, shame, denial, marginalization, insults, etc., not willing to give Nigeria and her murderous structures the excuses of total annihilation of conscious-Biafrans, allowed themselves into exiles as unconditional migrants. For most of these Biafrans, Spain-Italy-Morocco-Israel deserts and Cameroon-Equatorial Guinea-Gabon seas became their graves. For the few who made it across to these and several other countries, modern slavery became a wonder, and then, their salvation. There are yet thousands amongst them in some of these and other countries where being a slave to the countries to where they have run were not 'lucky' enough to be admitted into the circle of Modern African Slaves. These groups are found amongst the men and women in prisons, in prostitution rings, and even among mad men in the streets and on the roads of their host countries.

Back home in what is still referred to as a country, Nigeria, the story is even worse: they have imposed their demons on us and called them our Governors, Senators, Rep. Members and even Traditional Rulers. Our mothers, in reaction to the spirit of death called Nigeria, have resorted to giving out their daughters as baby machines. Our fathers have been blackmailed into accepting bribes to deny and/or ignore the daily unlawful destruction of their sons and daughters. Our young men have gradually been compelled into all manner of wickedness against their own people in every bid to survive while our daughters now pray for men and women for sex-for-money - no matter where they may come from. As if we have not had enough, every national step is made by the government of Nigeria to reduce the number of Biafran students while those in the North of Nigeria would be eligible to enroll, qualified or not. We have no written list which correctly captures the many abominable injustices of Nigeria against Biafra, but we have individually and collectively become the list: everything Igbo has been marked for extinction in Nigeria.

But thank God! Despite the wiles of the enemies, we, the remnants of this indigenous people of Biafra, who within time have forcefully but unsuccessfully been relegated to the dustbin of Nigeria's abominations and crimes are alive and back - aware, determined, ready and selfless in our pursuit for freedom for the remnants of the indigenous people of Biafra. So far, we have:

1. Raised the consciousness and knowledge of our people via media platforms - starting from Radio Biafra London broadcasts to Facebook, from Radio Biafra onlines newspapers to Skype groups, etc.

2. Registered Bilie Human Rights Initiative, a Human Rights Organization seeking for the emmancipation of the remnants of the Indigenous People of Biafra, with the UN and the Nigerian State and headquartered in Owerre, Imo State of the present Nigeria.

3. Filed a progressive court case against Nigeria to which recognition has been granted the Indigenous People of Biafra and for which Nigeria, at a turn, has been charged a court fine in favour of Biafran for contempt of court (suit: FHC/OW/CS/102/2012).

4. Come under the able leadership of the Council of Elders of the Indigenous People of Biafra, enabling rom for steady, lawful, orderly and democratic push for Biafra's sovereignty.

5. Have begun the emerging of the activities of Pro-Biafra organizations, starting with Biafra Alliance and Biafra Foundation, into Bilie Human Rights Initiative.

6. Erected representative Biafran structures in most countries of the world under Radio Biafra Volunteer Teams.

7. Have begun steps towards getting news, information and updates regarding Biafra and Biafrans to the utmost parts of the earth, especially to Biafrans at home, through the use of Frequency Modulation (FM) and Amplitude Modulation (AM) radio frequencies, all-smartphones Radio-TV Biafra App, Satelite, etc.

So far, from every indication, from all measurement, there is confirmation that Biafra is ripe to be admitted into the comitty of nations as a sovereign and independent State. However, much is still expected as we, together, push the final strand. Every Biafran, Efik, Ijaw, Annang, Ibibio, Igbo, Okrika, etc. is called to become frontal in our individual and collective commitments and sacrifices to extricate and emancipate our generation and posterity from the sinking ship that is Nigeria by harnessing and bonding our efforts for a free and independent Biafra under the championing of Bilie Human Rights Initiative and Radio Biafra London.

Whatever the case may be, these and lots more have established our success and thus has Biafra gone so far; and we know that Biafra is closer to us now than many think. I hereby call on all Biafrans, in spite of coalitions, groups, religion, political affiliations and ethnic inclinations, differences and uniqueness to muster lost courage, gain more knowledge, form more alliances and have common fronts in our collective quest for a State of Justice, equity, opportunities, peace and progress in the Sovereign Biafra. I also call on all Igbo titled Chiefs and High Chiefs, amongst whom are the Onwas (the moons that shine for his people) to come out in support of our quest to redeem our people from the darkness called Nigeria. Those who head the World Igbo Congress (WIC), the Igbo World Assembly (IWA) and several other Igbo State, Local Government, Social and Cultural organizations are also hereby reminded that, as far as a faulty foundation is concerned, as far as Nigeria is concerned and as far as her genocide against our people is concerned, there can be no collective and progressive Igbo outside of Biafra, outside of quests which have saturated our land with blood and have sealed our eternal enmity with the spirit that rules and keeps Nigeria. However, in all these, one thing stands sure: Biafra has come to stay, one way or the other, and her sovereignty will not be delayed a second more than has been set. Long Live Biafra!

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