Book Review – Power of Midnight Prayer

By Martins Kayode

This book 'Power of Midnight Prayer' will certainly be one of the most comprehensive and most powerful books written on spiritual warfare. The choice of the title came from a wealth of experience, chilling testimonies and confessions, and a careful study of the word of God. It is indeed a very rich and well-researched work. It has been described as an incredible book. Here, you will learn of the enormous but yet to be fully tapped spiritual power embedded in the prayers done between 11:00pm and 3:00am. Do you know enough about the explosive powers of praise, prayer and fasting? Do you know what roles the angels of God, the Spirit of God and the fire of God play in our war against the kingdom of darkness?

In this 424 pages book, you will hear directly from the former grand occult masters of the colossal destructive impact that the name and the blood of Jesus cause in Satan's kingdom. What happens when Satan and his demons come directly in contact with these two most powerful elements in the universe? Why did Satan fall from his chair in a meeting because the name of Jesus was mentioned? Do you know about the enemy's war strategies against the church, the Christians and the ministers? How does he bring down and sometimes kill ministers of the gospel? Who are the agents of the dark kingdom in the church? What roles should the prayer warriors play? What is the interest of the kingdom of Satan in human flesh and blood? Why human sacrifices in the occult world? Read various accounts from the former agents of Satan and even the media on sacrificing of humans and other chilling unprintable practices. Why would a woman pluck off the eyes of a crawling baby, slaughter her with all her crying and groaning, and then pound her flesh and eat? What does the occult do with sex? Can evil spirits, covenants and curses be transmitted through sex? Why would a man sleep with a little boy, depositing snake in his stomach just to acquire power, wealth and position?

You will also find other explosive topics like wrestling with God, binding and loosing, smashing the gates, open doors, whole armor of God, gates of heaven and gates of hell. The twenty-one power-loaded chapters of this book will surely set you on fire for God. Each chapter can comfortably stand as a little book on its own. I bet you have never read anything like this before. You can find Power of Midnight Prayer in Assemblies of God bookshops, other bookstores, on amazon and also through [email protected]

The author – Gabriel Agbo is a journalist, a member of the International Pentecostal Press Association (IPPA) and an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria . He was the church's national public relations officer. Other books by him include: No Cross No Crown, Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom, Coming out of Egypt , Double Honour and others. Excerpts from Chapter one:

“One of the most powerful spiritual tools that God has given, but grossly neglected by Christians is the midnight prayer. Midnight prayer (or vigil) is the prayer done through the night. From the bible and through ages, the prayers done around midnight have always brought tremendous and unprecedented results. As a Christian, it is imperative that you live a life of vigil. There are levels you can never attain in the spirit without mastering the act of praying in the midnight. There are levels of revelations that you cannot get without prolonged midnight prayers. And there are also satanic strongholds, entities, thrones and chains that you may never be able to dismantle unless through prolonged midnight battles.

The aim of this book is to awaken the church (Christians) to this great spiritual weapon made available to us by God. I believe (and by experience too) that any Christian that masters the act of praying in the midnight will ultimately control what happens in the day.

Why pray in the midnight? Midnight (or hours between 11.00pm and 3.00am) is known to be the most spiritual active period of the day. You will notice that dreams, revelations, attacks, visitations from the spirit world (both by angels and demonic powers) often come by this period, especially when you are sleeping. And the reason is simple. Human beings are easily overwhelmed, influenced or controlled while asleep. Naturally, the body is always weak at this time, and this makes it susceptible to any spiritual manipulation.

But, for one to be protected and powerful in the spirit world, the person's human spirit must be guided and lead by a higher Spirit; which in the case of a Christian is the Holy Spirit. Let's not go farther with this explanation. All I want to say is that midnight is always a period of intense spiritual activities both by the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan .

If you must control the activities around you and dismantle satanic ordinances against your life, have consistent breakthrough, then, you must learn to wake up in the midnight to fight against the powers of darkness. For example, look at the activities of the witches and wizards. These are agents of darkness possessed by the spirit of witchcraft. This spirit is known to be a very wicked spirit in the kingdom of darkness. It revels in causing harm and sometimes total destruction of human beings. The witches don't have the word mercy in their dictionary. That is why a person; even a relation that is possessed with this wicked spirit can go ahead and destroy the closest person to them. And, this set of agents of darkness mainly operates in the midnight. Midnight prayer also gives you access to monumental power, favour and breakthroughs”

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