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It is only a blind and deaf man that will say nigeria is a pacific country, not blindfolding one another with sooth words nigeria is not living as one nation, it has been segregated by some set of people.I am imbue of worrisome when i hear people saying this country is in unity.We often hear cases of man inhumanity to man in this country,the intricacy detail of the issue is the killing of innocent people by some set of group called boko haram.

The Boko Haram are massacre in mature,they kill fellow countrymen like animal,they bash people to death like goat,ablazing property and life to ashes.Then why are we bluffing ourselves calling black garment white.Nigerians are not living like brothers and sisters but as enemies to enemies,we abase one another and bring misfortune upon ourselves.The causes of boko haram can be traced down to lack of unity and solidarity.

If unity we truely stand,it will be difficult for corruption,selfishness,maladministration,indiscipline,injustice and other vices to penetrate into governmental level.Nigerians are the architect of their problems because in disloyalty,lack of love and indiscipline we elect our leader,we voted for selfish leaders and expect miracle over night in this country.Nigerians are the maggot in faeces making it deleterious because we pretend to one another,we preach love but fail to practise it,our interior motive to one another is abysmal.

We are magnanimous in our exterior appearance but wild beast live inside us,the seed of love is not sown in our youth,most of our leaders were youth some years ago which seed of love wasn't sown in.The problem of this country is not convoluted to comprehend,the character of our leaders depict that they never care for the masses,they enslave us and rule us with disdain. Corruption,selfishness,maladministration have become our culture and order of the day all in the name of money and lack of love,even the bible confirm it that in love everything is acquire,love your neighbour and your enemies like yourself but reverse is the case nowadays.

To combat and eliminate the problem of this country we need to stand in solidarity and unity to abnegate insensitive ,selfish ,indiscipline, and corrupted leaders.We must love one another at heart and be ready to help ourselves when the need arise,in solidarity we must abnegate man inhumanity to man,in unity we must vote a leader that have welfare of his people at heart,our leader must be humane to a reasonable extent.we must say No to rigid and dogmatic leader."UNITY WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL".

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