Uti Nwachukwu, Susan Peters & Karen Igho .The Top 3 professional party goers in Nigeria

Source: Chioma Halima Olabode-360 - Nigeriafilms.com

As much as we understand that being a celebrity involves gracing the various parties and red carpet events that are constantly organized, we can't help but notice that many Nigerian celebrities have turned this into a full time job.

We use the word “junkie” because this particular group of people seems to possess an insatiable passion to be seen at every single red carpet event or party that they are invited to and even the ones they were not invited to!

Except there is a trophy to be won at the end of the year for the highest number of parties one has attended, we just don't see the need to have their faces seen at every tom, dick, and harry's party/event that is being organized.

Here are the top 3 red carpet junkies of 2012 and these three can attend the opening of an envelope!

1. UTI Nwachukwu: No one takes the party going business as seriously as Uti. Sir, we don't mind seeing your face around; we just think it's time to give us a little room to “miss you”.

2. SUSAN Peters: No matter how hard you try, you just can't get rid of this Benue state born actress. You need an impromptu guest at your village's red carpet event…You know you can rely on our girl to show up! We love you mama, but we think you are abusing the privilege…

3. KAREN Igho: Could we call this the “Post Big Brother Africa” bug? It's no surprise that since Karen won Big Brother Africa in 2011, she's been seen at almost all major and minor parties. We know you on a roll girl, but we think you've delighted us long enough! Heard the word “Less is more”?

Do you think anyone is missing from this list?