Why Nigeria may Collapse


I would start by saying i know that my mail might not be published, but i would keep writing and sending to all broadcasting house until i get one ready to do the journalistic job of investigating and letting the people know why if not properly handled Nigeria is slowly driving towards imminent collapse [ it could be civil war, it could be mutiny and break down in the Army, or an uprising capable of causing anarchy], but what do i know? am just some stupid discontented soldier blaming all his woe on the superior, the government and every other person other than myself. In other words discard this warning, but at the least check out my not so unfamiliar points and do whatever you want with them.

I would start with the fact the Nigerian Army has two powers [in my opinion] 1. To put together, 2. To destroy. Well its simple when was the last time you did an informal interview or an unofficial interview in respect of the "soldiers"[what an officer says don't count] now i would like you to put this in mind, if you had two brother in room and the younger can't talk yet, assume you gave the eldest of the two brothers two piece of meat and ask the him to share the meat with the younger brother when you have left. when you return to the room and need to know if the piece of meat was really shared or not, would you just ask the elder brother[knowing the temptation a piece of meat can be] or would you investigate to ascertain whether or not the younger brother got his part of the meat.[hell! some elder brother would rub oil from the piece of meat on the younger brother's mouth to make it harder for you to know whether or not he shared the piece with the younger one] it's obvious in the analogy who the parent or master or guardian is. But in order to break it down for everyone to understand, the elder brother = Army officers , the younger brother = soldiers , the parent guardian or master is you the press, the politicians, civil right activist, the man the woman who pays there tax to have quality security. I have so much to say but these pages can't contain it, so am going to be as brief and straight to the point as possible.

It is risky to let a cat whether hungry or not to guard your fried fish. It so despicable that people complain and criticized the soldiers," my tax pays their salary and yet look how they behave to me". Well there is this general saying that a hungry dog is an angry beast. The truth here is simple, every soldier you see is actually flesh and blood like any of you civilians we need to care for ourselves our spouse our children our family problem everything you feel and complain about is felt double by us, because you can complain and be heard but we can't. If you are short paid you can complain we can't, if a superior cheats you out of your money or entitlement you can raise alarm we can't, do you know that the Nigerian army is the most corrupt institution in the country? I wonder what the EFCC is doing about it. do you also know that for the past 5 years no soldier in the Nigerian army has been paid any form of allowance? No leave allowance, no transport claim, in a line of work where you are constantly in the line of fire would you believe there exist no form of hazards allowance, [and you wonder why the soldiers known for their bravery have failed to check boko haram? Who wants to die when some put belled thieving generals remain in their AC cars, AC offices and home]. We are human yet we are marginalized, treated like some common slave ["use them like tools" that's the common saying among the officers, who says that about another human] to make things worse you [civilians] are governed by one law, we are govern by two. My point is when you have things bottled up for too long there is bound to be venting and this venting might just be on you. How can you allow and take the risk of putting rifles in the hand of hungry soldier. My advice is investigated before you fall prey to hungry/angry soldiers. [They won't let you know but recently the number of soldiers killing officers has increased exponentially]

Have you wondered why people get respect from outside their own domain than they get within? I was discoursing with a colleague about why it is we do well when we fight outside the shore Nigeria but can't even monitor and control our own domestic war .it simple, it's the incentive that sparks us up into either heroes or zeros. When a goat is cornered it would bite its way to freedom. Let history be our guide, because all over history you find out what mutiny causes nations. The U.S. government would be happy to see the history of the Vietnam War buried and forgotten. Not least because it saw the world's greatest superpower defeated by a peasant army, but mainly because of what defeated the war effort - the collective resistance of the enlisted men and women in the U.S. armed forces, who mutinied, sabotaged, shirked, fragged and smoked their way to a full withdrawal and an end to the conflict.

Finally, Do random investigations; ask us [the soldiers] we are eager to tell, since that way we would let out pant up angers into your pen and papers rather than on to your skull as that is what would happen soon. Its better late than never

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