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Letter to the dead year.

By Arthur Apeh Alexandra Ojima
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Oh! I cry, sober for thee!
Seeing you going down like a balloon,
Throwing into a pit by a year old fant.

Why should i? Why? Oh why?
Why should be in hurry?
Why like a question of an unlucky creature
Tattering it hope with fears.

Tell me what is in thee?
Tell me why I should kill myself because you pass me by without my needs?

Look! Am counting on thee!
As old as you are, I count thee 11 minute.
Oh! You are neither month nor week now!
Oh! What is in thee? ? ?

Tell me why? Yes why? ? Why I should trust you?
Tell me louder, fear no failure nor evil load you are carrying.
Tell me Oh 2012! What is in thee?
Tell me how perfect you think you are? ?
Look! I count thee no more,
Because I seek more wisdom and all my needs from thy elder.

Oh! I can shout louder than the bat in thee!
Even than the banger and framework that shout as if it ends in thee,
Unknown to thee that all for mocking at thy grave.

Sorry! Oh sorry! ! Sorry 2012! ! !
Where art thou to show me thy ugly face that said am a failure? ?
Tell me, If I am then what shall I call event? ?

Tell me with the second you have!
Be fast! Oh be fast! ! Fast! ! ! Fast! ! ! ! Oh be fast! ! ! ! !
You are gone! Gone forever! ! ! Oh gone!

Please go! Go! Go with thy misery and failure you said they are mine.
I am in a new year, yes a new creature and a new man!
And note: if I die a second after thee, my famous shall not be in thee.
Yes! I died in the New Year.
And so I write to you.