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By Kindness Innocent Jonah
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It is human to suspect every bad thing. Infact, in a traditional African society, nothing happens for nothing: there must be a cause. This induces them to go to native doctors to ask their ancestors, why?

But the Bible as the sole authority for regulating human life, as word of GOD, forbids necromancy or asking the spirit of the dead why?

But, the spirit of man is intuitive of any danger. The problem is being able to decode the warning and abide by the principle of outright obedience to avert it. Many dangers that befall people are revealed to them through their consciences or minds. But because they are hell-bent to achieve their purpose, they overlook the focusing of the danger that their intuitive voices of the gentle spirit inside them reveals.

Extrapolating in the case of the dead of Yakowa and Azazi, we infer a negligence of intuitive warning by their spirits, though they are not alive now to justify what I am saying. They might have been warned of that ill-fated chopper. Remember one person saying of Yakowa “I defer to him as a matter of protocol”. Yokowa could have rejected it had he listened to his spirit's voice. Recall that the wife of Yakowa was quoted as saying “my husband goes where you least expect him”.

What I am saying is that the ominous sign of danger was certainly communicated to Yakowa and Azazi and all the six people that died, but they ignored it. There is no danger that is not revealed before it happens, but the problems is: are you gentle and sharp-spirited enough to heed it immediately without wrangling or argument?

If anybody needed to be extra-careful with people he met or discused with moreso, where he went to, that person was Patrick Yakowa, the late Governor of Kaduna State. Kaduna State is a State created in 1976 by Murtala Ramat Mohammed shortly before he died in February 13, 1976. Since its creation, muslims see it as their birth right. Hausa Fulani, see it as their domain despite the fact that Kaduna Town is 100% a land of Christian Southern Kaduna tribes, located inside Gwari Land.

The foreign elements of Hausa-Fulani tribes, because Almadu Bello as father of muslims lived there, see Kaduna as their birthright irrespective of their foreignness. As in any land conquered by muslims, Kaduna State was to be ruled everlastingly by muslim. This is the calculation of every muslim in Kaduna State. Hence, it is a taboo for any “aruna” called an infidel or an unbeliever in islam” to be the Governor of Kaduna.

Patrick Yakowa knew this very well having being a down-to-earth civil servant in the State. He should have been more extra-careful of the places he was going. If his death was pre-planned, the planners were extremely skillful to locate it right inside Bayelsa State and when the ceremony had finished. If it had happened between Kaduna and Abuja, or between Abuja and Port-Harcourt, or between Kaduna and Port-Harcourt it would have raised much eyebrows. They planted the bomb between Bayelsa and Port-Harcourt to douse any iota of doubts that could arise. It was a perfect job and Yakowa is gone.

Still on the assumption that Governor Yakowa was killed. The Hausa-Fulani needed power by all means, and killing Yakowa by all means was the must happen, and an arrange happenstance had to perfect it. There was no need virtually for Yakowa to have gone to Bayelsa for the burial of a Presidential Aid except on personal ground which I think he did. Otherwise, he could have sent his Deputy after advertising his condolence in the dailies. He could closed many pages of newspaper for his friend to read, after which he sent his Deputy in the burial interment ceremony proper.

Yakowa was not quite articulate to understand the enormity of the fact that muslim religion is all about domineering tendency and rulership no matter how it is got. The religion teaches that anything that happens is the will of GOD, which is the fulcrum of atrocities committed in the religion.

Hence, the murderous tendencies of bokoharam, a-quaida, and muslim brotherhood and all such demonic associations. islamic religion is associated with anything that happens being seen as the will of GOD. Yakowa could have understood that more than any other and regulated where he went and where he could not go at anytime. The problem of this world is islamic religion. The killings by muslims and their heartlessness of bloodshed should have thought Yakowa to be warry of intimate affairs with them and motivated him to regulate his movement properly.

The bokoharams killing and maiming everywhere in Northern Nigeria are living in the yards with people in Damaturu, Kano, Bauchi, Maiduguri, Ningi, Babadu, Sokoto, Dutse, Katsina, Bida, Dambata, Daura, Lake Chad, Azare, Potiskum, Monguno, Zaria, Bill Maiha, Gombe, Bamahuguma, and all the host of far Northern Towns. The so-called bokoharams live with their co-muslims in all the far Northern towns of Nigeria, yet they are protected by them and are ever unwilling to divulge information relating to their arrests. Why?

Because inside of them, their killing Christians is a job well done and likeable. Whenever a Christian is killed, it is the will of GOD. That is muslim faith for you, everything, otherwise it cannot happen. This is the deceit in the religion. How many people are killed to obtain power does not matter in islamic faith, but that they be killed to get power is allah's will. So far as they shoot into power play there will be no problem. The problem starts when by any means, they loose out in power dictation. That is the problem of bokoharam in Nigeria. That is the peculiar problem in Kaduna State.

Yakowa could have known this for long. Even the present Deputy Governor Nuhu Bagoja who claims to be very close to the Vice President, can never be trusted by the Vice President himself when by any means he becomes Governor of Kaduna State. The life of Yakowa was at stake as Governor of Kaduna State which muslims vow never to let Christians rule. Yakowa knew this quite alright, but least expected they could kill him in a foreign land. Yakowa should have known the murderous power instinct of muslims better than any other and avoided going to certain areas.

Let us forget the previous argument and regard Yakowa's death as an act of accident. The question then is: Why did all muslims in Kaduna, particularly in Tudun Wada, go into paroxyism of enjoment immediately the news of his death filtered in? Why did they have to celebrate his death? All these things explain to Goodluck Jonathan that if muslims have their way, they would kill him for Sambo to take over. If not the elevation of Sambo, muslims who are less than 30% of Kaduna State population, due to long stay in power, can hardly ever allow any Christian to smell that seat. I wish the present Governor Yaro well.


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