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You've been involved in some philanthropic work recently prior to your winning the Miss Ambassador for Peace Pageant, tell us briefly about them?

I have been involved in some peace mobilisation and peace education exercises. I also go to government schools to donate writing materials because I know that we can achieve peace through education and that is why I start from the grassroots. We are trying to educate our leaders of tomorrow. They need to know how peace is important in life and that having a good education will make you understand people around you.  Violence is caused by illiteracy and lack of understanding.

So what has been the response to your campaign?
It's been positive. The youth are so happy that a youth like me is mobilising them on peace and they say to me that all we need is peace. I'm using this opportunity to call on the government and the corporate bodies to work with me towards achieving peace. With their sponsorship, we will be able to achieve more success in our bid to educate people on the need for peace in our country.

You've been visiting some state governors since you got the crown, tell us about it?

I paid a courtesy visit to the Niger State governor, His Excellency Mu'azu Babangida Aliyu. The governor gave me a good reception. I also visited the late Kaduna State governor Patrick Yakowa and he also responded well but it is unfortunate that he is late now. May his soul rest in peace. I hope to work with the new governor Alhaji Mukhtar Ramalan Yero. Our next point of call is Kano and Gombe. We hope they accept us.

How would you describe the late governor?
I saw him as a wonderfully and specially made person. He possessed a golden heart and was  down to earth.

Also tell us about your planned NGO?
I will not from the regular NGO but something unique that will unite Nigeria and that will help all from any part of the country regardless of their religion and tribe. My NGO is geared towards bringing solace to victims of crisis anywhere in Nigeria. To benefit from the NGO, a person must have been affected in one way or another by crisis.

Will you say that you are totally fulfilled in your modelling career?

I will say a big YES to that because I enjoy it. It's my passion, but I have a talk show coming up by God's grace and it's called The Love Doctor. It will be a show where everyone will be able express their emotions and passion. We will talk about love because love is happiness and happiness is peace and peace is LIFE. It will be on African Independent Television(AIT).

I'm also aware that you are representing Nigeria in an international competition soon?

Yes, I'm going to represent Nigeria in the Miss Peace World pageant in Canada in April this year. I want to also appeal to Nigerians to support me. I hope to do my nation proud.

How have you been managing advances from your male fans?

I try to be polite to everyone no matter who they are. The fact that they keep making advances is a sign that they appreciate God's work. So I will just say that I manage them wisely. I try to make peace with everyone, you know I have to live by example. That's my role as a Peace Ambassador.

What are the pros and cons of your position?
It's challenging to be a beauty queen and a peace ambassador for that matter. But as much as  it's challenging, I love the fact that I'm in a position to encourage and influence peace in my country and beyond.

The world needs peace at this time and all hands must be on deck to make sure there is peace. People think it's enjoyment galore, but I say wearing this crown has it's own challenges.