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APGA UK has reacted without hesitation from all the crises rocking our great party from Anambra State and we have concluded that Gov Obi should be called to order. The year 2003 was meant to be a blessing to Anambra State and APGA family when we handed the Governorship ticket to Mr. Peter Obi to be our flag bearer in the governorship election. We never knew that the man we gave all the supports to win the Governorship election was never a decent politician we thought but rather a man that capitalized on the nature of Ex Gov Mbadinuju's unpopular governance at that time. All the hopes we had to capture the South East States before now have been dashed to the mud because Gov Obi is bent on hijacking APGA.

The APGA crises is orchestrated, financed by Gov Obi and it is better we call a spade a spade than playing sycophancy which is killing Nigerian politics. We can recall that Gov Obi sent a representative to their failed Kangaroo NEC meeting in Abuja to suspend our National Chairman Chief Sir Victor Umeh and since then he has been using his deranged uncle Nwobu Alor to destabilize APGA that made Obi what he is today. We want to warn Nwobu Alor to desist from attacking our great party and continue collecting his motor park money that Gov Obi told the Anambra people that he has disbanded the Mpiawa Azu group but still allowed his uncle to continue siphoning our state revenue.

Since the crises started we expected the APGA big players to address the issue with Gov Obi to know why he has decided to destroy the only legacy that our great Leader Dim Ojukwu left behind. This is the main reason why Ndigbo are still playing second fiddle in Nigeria politics because they can never speak the truth when it matters most. APGA UK is challenging Gov Obi again to tell APGA members which area he has helped in moving our great party forward and stop creating dishonesty among the electorates. Anambra people and APGA family should ask Gov Obi why he has refused to accept the free textbooks offered by a philanthropist from the United Kingdom. The educational books have been packed and ready to ship to Anambra State for Higher institutions, Secondary, Primary and Nursery schools. The intention of the book donation is to help the poor, empower our people through education and boost APGA's image among the electorates.

I advise APGA members to denounce sycophancy and be real in other to save our great party from the hands of our political enemies. In the same manner we advise Gov Peter Obi to leave APGA in peace and join any other party of his choice so that we can reposition our great party to regain its original glory. He has done enough damage to APGA with his uncle Nwobu Alor to destabilize APGA but we warn that Dim Ojukwu's last political wish ''THIS IS MY LAST WISH, VOTE FOR MY SON'' for Obi will come back to hunt them forever.

APGA has the potentials to progress to other states but it is a big shame that a party with two Governors, a Senator, seven House of Representatives members, two Speakers but cannot boast of a financial fire power to do its logistics. Our great party needs funding to achieve her aspirations because no political party will go through what our National Chairman Chief Sir Victor Umeh is going through and the party will still be in existence. How do we expect the Party to function when none of our political office holders wants to invest in our great APGA or bring ideas that will benefit the party? They are keen on enriching their pockets and creating disunity among members.

Let us look at Labour Party in Ondo State; Gov Olusegun Mimiko is their only Governor that is financing Labour Party all over Nigeria. I urge Anambra people to vote for APGA but they should resist Gov Obi's zoning system of electing the next Governor of our State. The zoning move by Gov Obi is a ploy to kill APGA and repeat what he did in our Senatorial elections that we lost three seats. Western political parties always make donations monthly for the logistics of the Party but APGA Politicians are no way near this ideology. They have failed to honour party manifesto commitments once they come to power. This is the area I would like the electorate to concentrate before electing a candidate. It is very important to understand that, to achieve a sustainable democracy it demands that a particular attention must be paid to the issue of political finance.

Anambra governorship election is coming up in eleven months and APGA will nominate a credible candidate that will empower the youths in other to add fresh ideas to the State. The era of old brigade politicians have gone, we advise all political parties to shop for fresh brains and avoid recycling the old politicians that will bolt the door after elections. APGA will turn things around in Anambra State and improve the standard of living for our people. Remember that your vote is your power don't compromise it.

We commend our National Chairman Chief Sir Victor Umeh for his big heart in accepting the reconciliation initiative by APGA elder Chief Onwuka Ukwa. We want to assure all APGA members, The APGA National Working Committee that we shall all work together to avoid sycophants from hijacking our great party. Posterity must judge Gov Peter Obi.