The Arik air proposed N30bn investment in Ibom Airport


I read through a statement credited to the Vice-Chairman of Arik Air, Senator Aniete Okon, at the commissioning of the newly constructed Ibom international airport. In what was termed test-run of the airport, Arik Air aircraft landed there on 22nd September 2009. I still want to find out why it was a 'test-run' instead of inaugural flight because with my little knowledge, you can only test-run a machine or things of the sort. Again one may not call it commissioning as it is said that flights would start at the place in three months' time, November 2009.

But the most curious question I want to get an answer for is on what part of the airport is the Arik Air going to invest the N30billion (US$200million) that it promised. For all I have read about the airport, it will be revenue earning for that State as it has an MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) facility. Speaking as an aeronautical engineer, whoever initiated the project has a foresight by including the much needed MRO, which

I read its components were procured about three years ago. And for airport/hangar project that the government has spent about US$300million (N45billion) according to what I read, there is no other area Arik Air would invest there, unless for a new airport.

It is very necessary that people are not taken for fools especially those who are not in our field. Let it not be a political talk, Arik Air and Akwa Ibom government should come out with specifics.

Mr. Akin Jamiu,

164 Akilo Road,


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