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By Mazi Odera
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The school use to be a place of accomplishment before the school was taking from the cable hands of the CHURCH [ANGLICAN COMMUNION] and handed over to non-challant administration of the Government.

They left the school an eye sore,a decadence ,a serious lot ,the buildings habour more snakes than students,until the State return in to the rightful owners with a great hope that they will turn the school around to what it used to be in her days of glory.

Entering the school ,there was a guard of Honor as paraded by the Youth Coppers in that school,one of the coppers that carried a placard ,MR OJEBA NNAMDI carried a Card that said “GOVERNOR OBI,IN YOU WE TRUST”,he confessed that with Governor Obi he saw hope for our education and a revived generation of the state.

Gov Okwute went straight to the kitchen also to taste the food as it is fed to our children.

During the address to the assembly after national Anthem was played,he encouraged the students to focus more on academic life,especially now that the state has sworn to give back QUALITY EDUCATION A PRIORITY IN THE STATE.

The Senior Prefect of the School Master Valentine Ezenwaokolo was filled with joy and happiness on the Governors visit,he was more excited when the Governor handed the check of 10 million naira[Initial payment] to the Principal of the school ,who accepted the Check with the Anglican Bishop of the Niger ,Rt Reverend Owen Nwaokolo ,who also thanked the Governor for his kindness toward the state and children of the state.

In further appreciation the Governor arranged with the Principal to buy each and every one of the students ,1 bottle of Mineral water and the teachers a bottle of Malt.