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Nigeria: The Peak of Human Rights Abuse and a Global Ticking Bomb Written by: Ikechulwu Enyiagu

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Oftentimes, when men proffer solutions to many ills in societies as concerned and in the world in general, it's often welcomed with hopeful anticipations. Oftentimes again, these solutions proffered, when adopted, do not really effect any meaningful and lasting changes; and even when they tend to prove handy, these suggestions often entail losses of lives, economic fallouts and several other unanticipated and unplanned-for consequences. Today, looking at the pile of human rights abuse cases in the world and the difficulties which the United Nations and key powers have always grappled with in the pursuit for global peace, the idea and preference of proffering solutions to impending threats instead of preventing them from building up brings to question the governing structures and principles of those who lead the peoples of the world whether through merit or by imposition. Syria, as it stands today, has proven, among many other self-evident evidences, that those who rule the world with claims to be concerned for their countries of jurisdictions and for a global peace know little or nothing about the law of justice, peace, progress, posterity and mutuality. Nigeria, an illusion created by British interest in Africa and with the help of a lying spirit, towers above all in the world as the peak of Human Rights abuse. Without having to apply riddles, especially seeing that those who have temporary evaded justice and now sit in different seats of authority in the world have mostly lost purposes and directions, I am stating it here again as clear as the effects of the sun to all life that Nigeria this British amalgamation called Nigeria is a global ticking bomb. Did you ask me how what goes on in Nigeria affects you in Russia, USA, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany...or even in your citadels or religious cocoons? Well, the answer is simple: the world as we have it today is a global village, and as science advances, this village shrinks to a clan and then to a family. But even as many try to claim the pride of unifying the world, let's not forget that the sculptor of the universe is one and He made it as one.

However, man's rejection of the principles of the law of governance instituted by God for an accountable and responsible world may cause an implosion to the much celebrated global village. These principles of the law of governance ordained by God for accountability and responsibility are found in the freedom-to-choose which He gave all; it is what man calls Human Rights today.

Human Rights, in its simplest definition, have to do with allowing humans to live as humans neither dehumanized nor rendered unaccountable and irresponsible. It will be noted that those governments, organizations and individuals who clamor for a man's rights to have sex with another man, a woman's rights to have sex with another of the same gender and the rights to be transgendered are not even honest to their very selves and their noisy and degrading campaigns: Your idea of sustaining human rights is to clamor for what destroys nature and the order in creation but you would care not about what protects, saves and procreates. You say that it's a man's rights to violate the natural use of the anus but you deny that it's against the rights of people to be unwillingly and unequally yoked with a yoke of unaccountability and irresponsibility. Russia and China claim that it's in the interests of their countries, Syria and that of the world that they continue to support a government which, for many years, has reduced its citizens to slaves and has now turned them into martyrs. No! You are not honest to yourselves, and because you rule with dishonesty while you expect those you have denied every right to opinions to be accountable and responsible, the sculptor of life (it matters not if you believe in Jesus as God, if you believe in the Big Bang, or if you place your heart on other entities or theories) will hold you, as governments, organizations and individuals, accountable for all the impediment you have brought to the wheels of His living creation.

Why it is difficult for China and Russia to accept that the continuation of Assad of Syria's monarchical autocracy has become an abomination in Syria, in Islam and in the world is the very reason why Britain, United States, European Union, Russia, the Arab world, United Nations and several other countries stood passively/actively in opposition to the rights of Igbo, the indigenous people of Biafra, as they, without warring in retaliation of the massacre and pogrom carried out against them in the falsely-founded Nigeria, made the one and eternal use of their human rights: secession.

These acts of dehumanization and injustices which the creation of Nigeria planted and which the ever-increasing diversities and impossibilities of a *One Nigeria *continue to water*, *have continually birthed and groomed all manners of unthinkable abominations. Today, Nigeria, as a country, without having to delve into the consequences of her existence on her citizens, has become, in herself, an abomination – opposing every dot in the chatter of the United Nations Human Rights and the laws which have, from creation, governed and held the earth rotating on its axis.

A country where the refuse dumps of other countries feed its first-class citizens, [1] where

A few people share amongst themselves what is meant to alleviate poverty amongst its citizenry,[2] where

Those sent to stop bribery and corruption are the very people selling more corruption,[3] where

Each tier of government collaborates in corruption [4] ,

Where the legislative arm is bribed before they can deliberate on a law [5] ,

Where men in financial authority use their positions to siphon national money to their states, [6] where

A nation bound together with other nations in a false marriage insist that they would be the only rulers [7] and

Their leaders boldly declare that there would be bloodbath [8] if

power does not return to them, where one religion insists that their only stand for the federation is when they have killed every Christian through acts of terrorism, or compelled them to renounce their faith and convert to Islam;[9] where

a section of the country is constantly targeted for extinction by the government and those who claim to be born to rule[10] ,

where security of lives and property is the one thing the ordinary citizens will never have or expect from their government, where the president is simply “speechless[11] 

by acts of terrorism against a section of those he leads, yet refuses to seek international help to address the group which has defied him and his government as a terrorist organization[12] ;

Such a country as this should not have been. And now that its nemesis are constantly on the rise, this country, as Nigeria is, should and must be dissolved to forestall another dilemma which has prevailed in the middle-east to this day.

It is sad that a nation which claims to have the religion and message of peace has and continues to carry out acts of terror against other nationalities/religious groups as means to achieve peace. It is regrettable that those in the Muslim world who often go murderous and bloodthirsty -  burning flags and embassies of other nations - simply because one person from those nations or their allies spoke on their religion or acted on their religious relics in a manner that is not acceptable to them have neither condemned their religious brothers in Nigeria in their inhuman/inhumane and atrocious activities in the name of their religion nor have they commiserated with those unjustly targeted in this unholy-in-every-way Jihad. One wonders the true agenda of those championing this type of peace and from which tree they branched out [13] .

Most regrettable is the fact that the countries who insisted that this abomination called Nigeria should remain to this day are mainly of Christian citizens.

Policies of diplomacy, if not redefined to suit the definition of global pursuit for Human Rights, will not only fail the countries thus bound, it will fail the world at large. Nigeria is an impossibility and its continuation is an epidemic which will not spare anyone in the world  no matter where they may be or what leak-proof laws they may deceive themselves into believing they have. Nigeria is not! Stories of shame which emanate from project Nigeria on hourly basis should not, in any way, be considered to be limited to Nigerians, Africans or solely to every black man anywhere in the world: it is the shame of all world policy makers and rulers. Nigeria is the shame of Britain, Russia, America, the Arab world, United Nations and all those who truly believe they are championing right causes, and its overflowing consequences will, through these evil diplomatic policies filter into all societies. There is no wisdom in any government which stands by, watching a strong man kill an innocent and unarmed man before coming in to carry out justice which, in effect, becomes a double loss. It is the height of foolishness. Sometime last month, the United States congress deliberated on whether to label the terrorizing Boko Haram a terrorist organization but have not passed it into law[14] .

It is sad that their policies of domination and deprivation against less-informed, unarmed and/or peaceful sections of mankind have kept them stuttering through the fact that the cause of fighting war on terror is, in every way, heavier and economically recession-incurring than it would be in preventing it. It is equally a show of man's pitiable ignorance for the US, Britain and all those concerned about the mineral resources in the said Nigeria to deceive themselves into believing that those who have been constantly suppressed, marginalized, dehumanized and killed in Nigeria would not stand for their rights even if it means paying the murderous North in their own coin - if these excesses are not promptly checked.

The amalgamation of Nigeria, as late Chief Obafemi Awolowo rightly said, still stands as the greatest justice Britain inflicted on Southern Nigeria [15] and

still represents what late late Sultan of Sokoto, Ahmadu Bello, termed as an extension of their (Northern Nigeria) father's estate.[16] Nigeria

Is neither safe for Nigerians nor is it all-rewarding for those countries where the spirit of Nigeria has exiled many Nigerians. Those who insist that a Sovereign National Conference (SNC), a call which has repeatedly rung from different well-meaning quarters, is uncalled-for have yet to understand the depth of Nigeria's impossibilities. Their main argument has often remained that it is the work of the legislative arm of the government but what they have either refused to accept or understand is that the three tiers of the government of Nigeria have, from inception, failed the project called Nigeria thereby inflicting ever-increasing pains on those bound under its name. Should we then relegate this blind argument to Africa's blind faith or should we call it an extension and nemesis of a falsely-founded, corrupt and impossibly country? For me, I'd want to believe that there is every reason to make them see reason again:

the legislative arm of the government which should deliberate on laws for the betterment of the peoples have refused to do so and, instead, have repeatedly made laws to cover their traps and keep them immune from the atrocities which they carry out on daily basis. The judiciary has remained an auction party where the highest bidder takes victory home, while the executive arm has remained there to receive the highest cut in every bribery and embezzlement deal as long as they turn the other way while the country burns and the masses writhe in agony and pain. These observations are not peculiar to our time; they started from the foundation of Nigeria's amalgamation and have been sustained overtime by the nonchalance of Nigerians over the corrupt politicians and leaders, and the dishonesty of Nigeria's political, religious and traditional stocks to the truth about a continued *One Nigeria*. The legislature, said to be elected to deliberate on the ever-present matters of the reasons for the wailing calls of a Sovereign National Conference, has defiled both their blood and oath of office so much so that matters which concern them have been narrowed to matters which concern their continued political relevance. They, in their fights to keep relevance, have relegated what matters most to their constituents in particular, and to the country they claim to protect at large, to the dustbin. It's therefore the duty of those who have elected them and those whom they rule thus in domination to stand, just as patterns and directions have evolved with time, and oppose, in every way, these monsters who have not relented in carving out murderers from simple men, guilt from the innocents and hell for those who long for paradise in the right ways.

The abomination called Nigeria is a spirit, the spirit of the antichrist; it is only wearing the amalgamation as a veil to hide his true identity.

This is what Nigerians no matter the nationality and ethno/religious inclinations  have either deliberately or ignorantly ignored. This spirit fuels on the amalgamation on the impossibility of a *One Nigeria.* The West and all those countries who claim to have stakes in Nigeria also know this, but because of man's pride in ignorance through his myopic visions of interests, Satan has equally blinded them to this truth. However, the judgment and lasting place of every evil is found in defeat and shame.

Nigeria, the spirit which hides under this abomination, is already defeated, and like a tree which is cut down and dead takes a while to dry up, even so Nigeria has been uprooted and is already drying up. Everyone who truly loves peace, justice, human rights, security progress and posterity stands for this truth. And every country or organization which is founded to last must stand against a continued *One Nigeria* and against this Tower of Babel which has lost its place in God and its use for the evolving mankind. Those who stand with and for Nigeria have resigned their roots and branches for an inevitable doom. Yet Nigeria will not stand any longer as one country.