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By Olarotimi Ajayi
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My attention has been drawn to a double publication of 31st July 2012 in the Leadership newspaper and captioned Nigerian diplomat detained in Venezuela over alleged fraud and Nigeria wades into former

diplomat's problem with Venezuela.
It is unfortunate that an esteemed newspaper has not got its publication right and every effort I have made to contact the Editors had not yielded positive result to state my own side of the story.

“I want to make it that I am not at war with the authorities of the Foreign Affairs Ministry; I have constantly during all my years of service strictly follow the rules and regulations of the ministry including

accounting for responsibilities placed in my care. My honesty landed me into trouble with Ambassador Oboro because I was the whistle blower of the fraud taking place before my arrival at the mission in Caracas and things that went on during my stay. I continually briefed the Foreign Ministry but they refused to take action. I have copies of all letters written to these effects in safe keeping”.

l have been the whistle blower over fraudulent activities of Ambassador Felix Oboro in the Embassy. This made, the Ministry of foreign Affairs to send Foreign Service Inspectors to the Embassy in November 2011.They confirmed my reports which made the Ministry to query Ambassador Oboro and subsequently instructed him to refund. (A copy of that letter is published for the truth to be seen). At no time did the Ministry query or admonish me for fraudulent activities in the Embassy. Neither have l engaged in any shady deal that could tarnish my image or the image of Nigeria during my service to the nation.

Furthermore, l did not take the Ministry to the law court in Venezuela but in Abuja over miscarriage of justice. Instead of Ambassador Oboro to be dealt with for his admission of defrauding the Nigerian government; I was portrayed as trouble maker. I requested my lawyers to take legal action for been unfairly treated; the Ministry is yet to comply with the court order.

Additionally, l was kidnapped and unjustifiably detained on the order of Ambassador Oboro at the Caracas International airport when l returned from America to write promotion examination without being given the reasons. The said on-line publication that was quoted by Leadership newspaper

( has presented the facts which have been misrepresented by the newspaper for whatever reason.

l find the headline alarming and untrue; l therefore ask that the caption should be corrected in the next issue of the newspaper and given the same prominence as l have been offended with this publication. If you want to know the details of this story, kindly go through various online publications and several

other online publications like that of Daily Time of Nigeria; The Will and you will find the true story of what is happening in the Nigerian mission in Venezuela.

The full truth of the matter has not been reported in the media. My retirement from the Service was due this month of July (8th) (A copy of the letter received from the ministry published for your consumption). I still have valid resident permit till October 2012. This can be confirmed with the

Venezuelan government so I am not staying illegally in the country as alleged. If I am retired, shouldn't I be given time and the necessary clearance to move my family and belongings out of the country?

The truth is that in the same Embassy, another officer who retired in March 2012 is still there. Why harassing me who retired on July 8th, 2012?

My visit to America was on the directive of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Abuja.

As I write to you, my family is in limbo as to what next to do. The Minister of Foreign Affairs should ascertain why I have not been released since I have no criminal records or arrested for fraud as alleged in the Leadership newspaper to mislead the general public.

O.A. Ajayi

A letter advising Mr. Ajayi on his retirement procedure

A letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking Amb Oboro to refund Mission funds