All You Need To Know About Xmas

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Father Christmas

Christmas is the date set aside for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25 every year.

Jesus was not born exactly on December 25 but this date was chosen to coincide with the pagan Roman celebrations honouring Saturnus (God of Harvest) and Mithras (Ancient God of Light).

The celebrations were to make known that winter is not forever. It was a form of worship for the sun when it appeared after a long period of winter.

Jesus was born nearly 2000 years ago. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Saviour of the world.

Christians also believe that He came to die for our sins so that we may go to heaven.

The Bible tells us that shepherds were watching their flocks in the fields at night when Jesus was born. But in that part of the world it would have been far too cold at night to do so in December. What is more likely is that Jesus was born perhaps between March and May.

Whatever the time of year, it is virtually impossible to identify the actual date.

Do you really know what christmas means?
Christmas actually comes from 'Mass of Christ'.

It was however, shortened to beome 'Christ Mas'. Sometimes the shorter version 'Xmas' is used.