She Has Snatched My Man

By Daily Graphic
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We,ve been married for 12 years and have three children. For the past seven years, my husband has been unemployed and that pushed me into the arms of other men.

Recently, I fell in love with a married man. My new boyfriend has also fallen for a younger woman in my area and this is killing me.

I still love him and watching another woman snatch him from me is unbearable. Meanwhile I can't talk about it with anyone. What can I do?

Dede, Ada

Dede dear, do nothing. Just forget about this man and look for a job to support your family.

I don't think you love this man. You just miss his financial support which is now going to the young woman in your area.

I can understand what you are going through with your husband being unemployed but having affairs isn't the answer. You need to come together with your husband and see what you can both do to earn a living.