Beginning with the beginning

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Ever wondered why it's so much easier coming up with the freshest and most appealing ideas than taking the first step to bring those brilliant ideas into fruition? Maybe the old adage captures it right when it says … easier said than done.

I remember how I used to play with thoughts and ideas on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be at any particular point in time, even as a child. Funny, perhaps even pitiful it is that about 97% of those things I used to dream about have not lived more than mere dreams, in fact, some of those beautiful dreams have even died down. What accounts for this, what are some of the reasons why we fail to go beyond the borders of the dreamland?

My family is poor, I could have been this if …..
I didn't attend a good school. My friends and neighbours attended the best of schools such as ….

You can't compare me to her, she has a degree, I only have an SSSCE certificate, how do you expect me to do as well as she is doing?

Oh, I just wasn't lucky enough; my family was transferred to the village when I was just at the age of five. Things would have been different if …

I don't know anyone; we are leaving in a country of whom you know. If only my father knew Mr. ….

The excuse list can go on and on, but do we really do ourselves any good if we continue to paint these gloomy pictures with excuses why we were not able to take responsibilities? Have we also bothered to pause and do any thorough soul-searching as to what we could have done despite the challenges that come our way?

What about the people who strived to surmount all those challenges that came their way? What if we try, just for a moment to find solutions rather than to magnify problems? There are times when quitting looks good, defeat inescapable and retreat the only option. The question is, how will you handle these times?

I find myself idle one afternoon, I had just returned from town where I visited a lot of offices negotiating a deal on behalf of my company, my colleagues were in the office, some of them discussing sports, some of them browsing on the internet and yes, some of them really busy with their official duties. I tried to follow suit the ones browsing on the internet. Then suddenly I stopped to ask myself what benefit I really derived from the browsing … browsing with no purpose!? I must do something instead, but what? … I asked myself helplessly. Yes, maybe I can write something … what? … An article … a feature … anything, anything to be published … I lightened up.

Toying with the thought for about 15 minutes, I finally decided to write something on beginnings … why is the beginning often so tough? I must demystify that challenge … thus I must start right away with my write-up. And here it is … you are reading the result of that determination. What can seem impossible is often possible with courage. So whatever difficulties you're facing today, draw on God's grace and keep trying. Mountains only seem so high from the valley. The road to success runs uphill; don't expect to break any speed records. The thing to try when all else fails is to begin again!

Your challenge may come in a different form and may require a different approach, but one thing remains the same, that … you begin with the beginning. See you at the top because you have begun.

By Brooke Nuwati
Posted by Brooke Nuwati

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