My Friend Plays Truant

By Daily Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty,
I am 14 and in JHS Two. I have a friend who is a truant. When it is time for me to go to school, he comes to my house and asks me to accompany him to roam in town and come home when schools close so that it will seem as if we went to school.

Because of his behaviour, my parents have warned me not to associate with him. But I love him as a friend and would want to help him change.

I have advised him about his behaviour but he is not willing to change.

Please advise us.

Benjamin, Akyem Asuboa.

Dear Benjamin.
It is a good idea to help your friend. But, as you have said, he has not changed. In that case, what you have to do is take the advice of your parents, as they know best.

Your friend can influence you to follow in his footsteps so you better stay away from him and concentrate on your books. He is destroying his future and you will not be blamed for his behaviour because you played your part as a friend.

You can threaten him that you will inform his parents about his behaviour and see if he will be willing to change. Share Your Thoughts on this article Name Email Location Comments Graphic Ghana may edit your comments and not all comments will be published