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Dr. Peter Sam
Dr. Peter Sam
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Dr. Peter A Sam is an international expert on urban and rural environmental interlinkages. As an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Sciences Dr. Peter A. Sam also is the Founder and President of an International Environmental Consortium Group (AERCG) -An IRS 501(c) (3) Organization with its global headquarters in the USA and regional offices in Africa. An accomplished Environmental Scientist who was born in Ghana. He is also a philanthropist who supports the needs of marginalized poor and assist in Christian ministry capacity building. Dr. Peter A. Sam served on many Boards of Directors such as the Women Vision International, USA.

He has conducted several natural resources, sustainable development, renewable energy, municipal solid waste and industrial waste management, environmental sciences and management research and written technical papers and presented position papers in many national and international forums. Dr Sam has appeared in major television, newspapers and radio venues in both the United States and in Africa. He has published several technical articles and technical books such as a technical book, International Environmental Consulting Practice, published by John Wiley & Sons Dr. Peter A. Sam served as the Chairperson for the American Waste Management Association's (AWMA) International Committee as the African Chairperson.

Dr. Peter A. Sam is an internationally known advocate for sound environmental and human capacity development for marginalized communities in Africa. He coined the phase “Humanity does not have any boarders” to underscore his vision and mission, and introduced the concept of Enviro-spirituality which is underscored by what he calls christo-centricism. Along these lines, he initiated the first Humanitarian Mission from the US led by African-American Doctors and founded and designed the African-American Doctors for Africa and the African-American Firefighters for Africa programs. Unprecedented in the history of the African-American community in the United States, these programs marked an historic event in 1998 when Dr. Peter A. Sam in concert with the then Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, US Congressional Representatives led a delegation of medical practitioners and trade delegates to Ghana.

Dr. Peter A. Sam is well respected in many circles. In 1995, Dr. Peter A. Sam was instrumental in organizing the first Developing Countries Environmental Forum and session at the Superfund Conference in Washington, DC, for which he served as a panelist with notables such as Hon. Andrew Young. Similarly, 1996, Dr. Peter A. Sam was selected to the planning committee for the National US Conference of Black Mayors, and he introduced the first US Black Mayors Conference session to discuss Environmental Inequities, their spread to Developing Countries such as Africa, and to utilize that approach to sensitize and provide a bridge to technology transfer and sharing of lessons learned in regards to environmental justice with other municipalities in Developing Countries. Additionally, he served as a moderator at the US Black Mayors first Environmental Justice Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

He was appointed as an environmental advisor to the Hon. Johnny Ford, President of the World Council of Mayors. He was also appointed to provide assessment to the environmental justice issues. Dr. Peter A. Sam has assisted several diplomats, elected government officials and Ministers of African governments in an advisory capacity on environmental issues and planning over the years.

In 1995, Dr. Peter A. Sam advocated immensely to US Senate on the policy neglect to Africa and to the Sub-committee on foreign appropriation headed by Sen. Jessie Helms.

Dr. Peter A. Sam is a man of integrity, a “born leader” and a man with extra-ordinary talent and leadership. His broad-base cultural and traditional experiences provide him with a critical knowledge when it comes to issues of Cultural Diversity. His ability to organize, communicate effectively with local, national and international audience and the public through different media such as national television, radio and the print media exemplifies this man's abilities to communicate effectively to the public and the world.

In 2000, Dr. Peter A. Sam was nominated for the Environmental Excellency Award under the Ghana Millennium Awards. Before that he received a Proclamation from the Ghana Parliament and the State of Missouri Senate respectively

Dr. Peter A. Sam strives to build upon the positive synergies that reside between socio-economic development, human health capacity building and environmental preservation/management. This has led him to develop a pilot demonstration Sustainable Ecological Project in partnership with the Mount Herob Ministries at the Mamfe Akwapim district in Ghana. The project seeks to develop a sustainable ecological, sustainable development and economic development through utilization of workable hypothesis within the dynamics of a developing country. Dr. Peter A. Sam has developed innovative trade, human health and natural resource management initiative and worked with States' and governments in Africa. In 1998, Dr. Sam led delegation on trade and health mission to Africa. He has continuously worked with State Economic Development, International Agencies, African Governments and NGO/CSO entities in promoting socio-environmental, education and economic advancement within African countries.

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