Do your have a double chin?

By Mixey Blob
double chin
double chin
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There are basically three reasons why a person would have a double chin

So! If you want to know how to get rid of a double chin, it is important that you read the following … then take an honest look at yourself and make an unbiased assessment of what category you and your double chin fit into.

Double chin due to excessive weight. Are you overweight? Not all double chins come about from excessive eating, so you have to be honest with yourself. Have a good look at the rest of your body and ask yourself, "Am I a bit too chubby, curvy or plump?" And if the answer is a big "yes", and if you really do want to get rid of that double chin, then the next question on your mind should be, "What day this week shall I start my diet and exercise regime?" Because, my friend, your double chin has appeared because you have a layer of subcutaneous fat around your neck giving you the appearance of having a "A second chin" and the only permanent way to get rid of that kind of double chin for good is by reducing your calories so that you lose weight overall.

But here is the good news! A good diet plan and helpful natural supplements like acai berry (raved about by many) will not only remove your double chin and make you look younger but will also improve your overall physical condition and increase your life span. Yes! That´s correct. Excessive weight has been shown on the whole to help people to a premature grave.

Double chin because of age.The second biggest maker of double chins is He Who Waits For All Of Us: "Father Time." Yes, it´s unavoidable, it creeps up on us all and it is commonly referred to as "Age." As we get older, the skin around our neck and chin starts to lose the battle with Earth´s gravitational pull … and … slowly … it starts to sag.

So! Once again, an honest and unbiased assessment of yourself is vital if you want to get rid of a double chin successfully. You have to ask yourself here: "Is it that I´m overweight - or am I just getting a bit long in the tooth?" or, worse, "Am I overweight AND getting a bit long in the tooth?"

We have already discussed how to get rid of a double chin because of overweight by dieting: but what if your double chin is due to age and gravity generally getting the better of you? Well, all is not lost because you still have two options:

1. Surgery. Double-chin surgery is not only common but is usually very successful. The major drawback is that it is usually expensive and only gives good results for about five to six years. After that, Father Time catches on … and the skin starts to stretch again

2. However for a far cheaper, healthier and longer-lasting result, all you have to do is reverse the effect of Earth´s gravity and pump up those neck and jaw muscles by engaging in some form of facial and neck exercises, rather like a work out. To stem the tide of age and hold "Father Time" a bit farther out, eat healthily and take a natural diet supplement containing antioxidants such as Resveratrol,goji-berry extracts,maqui berry, Acaiburn , Vitamin A, C & E products and so forth.