Should We Bath Before Eating Or...

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a boy of 15 and in JHS. My brother and I have been arguing over an issue for a long time. We would like to know whether one has to bath before one eats or vice versa.

I told him one has to bath before one eats but he does not understand. Please help us out.

Ben, Tapa.

Dear Ben,

You should not worry yourself over this issue. Choosing whether to bath first before eating or vice versa depends on the situation.

For instance, after school you can eat before you bath because most children, after eating, go straight to bed, a practice which medical experts always advise against.

Therefore, after eating you can bath later to keep you awake for some time before you sleep.

That allows the food to digest. When going to school you can choose to eat before bathing to prevent the food particles from soiling your uniform. you can also have your bath and ensure that you are clean before you eat, especially for children who eat with their fingers.

Ben, there is no clear-cut rule as to which should come first or last. You should, therefore, set your mind at ease and ensure that whatever you do first, your hands are clean so that you do not contaminate the food you eat.