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Ibori: Unpleasant Reveries Awaits All Rouges, Vagabonds, and Despots!

Source: OduduAbasi Nicolas Edet/
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"Just a pity it's only Oga James Ibori, the Ogidigborigbo of Oghara is headed to jail! where are the rest with whom he was able to perfect these political crimes?"

A good question to ask!

A very good question to ask, indeed!!

Many Nigerians have not only contributed to the corruption of the corrupt, they have ensured the sustenance of the corrupt and their bestiality.

Just imagine how many useless titles and encomiums Nigerians bestow on rouges like James Ibori - Ogidigborigbo of Oghara!!!

Whatever it means, one can bet that that title does not mean that James Ibori is a hero. Except to those who envy his criminal exploits. Those who enjoy corrupt wealth. Yes those who will not stop even at the shedding of blood in order to steal from the masses or from their partners!!!!

A corrupt people are eager to bestow and receive titles and awards. And a corrupt nation has bestowed uncountable awards on the corrupt.

Just imagine how many titles a real corrupt despot like Godswill Obot Akpabio has harnessed. A despot who has twisted and enjoys twisting the laws of the land with stolen money employed for bribes. A corrupt governor who knows how to buy other corrupt persons with money or with political positions. Think of the number of useless awards that he and his comrades in crime, bestiality, and evil governance have bought. Think of the number of persons who have consented to the ruse of being bought and of trying to higlight the infamy of corrupt politicians like James Ibori OR of Godswill Obot Akpabio OR of - - - - - All for what?

And because injustice in Nigeria is written with a five letter word - bribe - and with a simple phrase - who-you-know-in-the-corridors-of-power. Yes, the corridors of corrupt power. Yes the corridors of power which stink like a stinking decomposed body. Many Nigerian corridors of power are full of stinking decomposed bodies stuck away in corners, to create room for usurping occupiers. Is there one single politician that can claim that he or she was elected without a single corrupt vote? Without a single illicit vote? Without a single manipulation of the electoral system and the laws of the nation? If there be any, let such stand up to claim deserved awards!!!!

Just imagine the beating of drums, the staging of feasts, the boastful speeches not only to celebrate rouges, murderers, and kidnappers in politicians garbs; but to celebrate the mere shaking of hands with the corrupt, by many Nigerians.

Did not unscrupulous Nigerians show their shameless faces in protest in the streets of London on behalf of James Onanefe Ibori? Where are those same protesters today? They shouted "imperialism" in another man's country. They protested the rule of law. They wanted the same shackles tying down the Rule of Law in their native country to be shackled on British Law. 'Do not try James Ibori because we know him. Because he is our hero. Because you are imperialists. Because you hate Nigeria. Because James Ibori is a black man' .

In the end who added to Nigeria's disrepute? Who made Nigeria look small and dirty? Was it the judge that pretended that he did not know that "different" Ibori who was convicted in Britain for theft? Was it the same judge who allowed James Ibori to contest an election which he did not qualify to be a candidate, under the law? OR were they the protesters in a protest organized by a few greedy and bribed persons in London to profess not James Ibori's innocence but the turning of blind eyes by British Law, away from Ibori's crimes? Their fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers - related and bribed policemen, judges, governors, legislators and the presidency - have succeeded in perverting the cause of justice in Nigeria.

The London street protesters must have thought that they could replicate what their cousins are doing in Nigeria - decide election petitions on technicalities, hide the various dirts committed including murders, announce cleverly rigged and bribed-out elections as if nothing untoward had ever happened, rob the orphan and the widower of their wages, shut-up a few who have the courage and the love to point out their wrong, murder those who dare say no to the ambitions of the corrupt. And so on, and so on, and so forth and so forth, they have planted, nurtured, and sustained corruption and rule based on ungodliness, thievery, blood-letting and lies, in the nation. No amount of Hercuian energies can root out their grown trees, EXCEPT force!!!!!!

In the end who bastardized Nigeria's name? Were they those politicians who took James Ibori's stolen millions to use in financing the campaign of late President Yar'Adua? Were they the ones who gave James Onanefe Ibori veto power, in return, over the laws of Nigeria; and over an already weakened President? Wealkened by James Ibor's corrupt and stolen billions for a corrupt (S)election to a corrupted presidency? Were they the thousands who were bought to swell campaign crowds for those who had no support from the electorate? Were they those men and women who stuffed ballot boxes for a fee? Were they those men and women who murdered opponents of their despotic wannabees in places like Akwa Ibom, Benue, Ogun, Oyo, Kano, Zaria, Sokoto, Port Harcourt or Degema? Were they the terrorists from Boko Haram or from the states of the Niger Delta? Who really has given Nigeria the dirty name it now has? Could the student-turned mistress of the corrupt politician flown from her college dorm to one state capital, to another, to another and another; for meeting with their corrupt copulating "uncles"? Or are they the young men-turned pimps on Nigeria's University campuses who arrange for their sisters to sleep with the corrupt? Where in the name of all that is good will these young people pick their mates if they have corrupted a good pool for the choice of a spouse? Or are those who have given Nigeria a bad name the professional paid liars and fraudulent organizers of political-action-committee-related organizations for their criminal wards who seek political positions?

Just imagine the praises in praise of wanton rougery. Just imagine the blind eyes turned away from murders by the corrupt, so that the corrupt can have the opportunity to regress the Nigerian nation with his/her blood-letting, theft and unpatriotic other acts. Just imagine the swelling of pride for some, for only being able to shake the hands of the corrupt.

Just imagine how many Nigerians have lied for many bestial Nigerian politicians. Just imagine how many Nigerians beg to be included in the various cycles of corruption. Just imagine that instead of calling the corrupt, the bestial, the cultist by their rightful names and titles, people who knew that James Ibori was, is, and will continue to be a rouge have celebrated his crimes. Just imagine where all these people are now, now that James Ibori is going to get his just deserts. Just imagine what will happen to the likes of Godswill Obot Akpabio whenever Britain or any foreign nation can uncover his crimes within their shores.

We must thank God and Britain for removing one bestial character from the corridors of power. God's actions and Great Britain's may remove a few more from the streets. Just imagine what such removal will do to Godswill Obot Akpabio and Gabriel Suswan, and many others like them, if the TRUTH about their governance are laid bare before a nation led under the Rule of Law. OR before a nation under God! Nigeria, at the moment is not yet that nation!!!!!!!!!!

OduduAbasi writes from DFW