Conjoined Twin Dies In Uk Hospital

By Daily Guide

SIAMESE twin SIAMESE twin has died after undergoing an operation to separate her from her sister. Little Hope Williams was born last week conjoined to her sister Faith.

The twins were delivered by Caesarean section at London's University College last Wednesday. Hope died after the complicated surgery at the nearby Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Surgeons said she lost her fight for life last night in the presence of her parents because her lungs were unable to support her breathing.

Professor Agostino Pierro, head of the surgical team, said Faith was in a “stable” condition.

Mum Laura, 18, was transferred to London following a month's bed rest at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Tragic She was the youngest British mum to give birth to healthy Siamese twins.

The teenager and the twins' binman dad Aled, who live with Laura's mum Wendy in Shrewbury, Shrops, also have an 18-month-old girl, Carly. Prof Pierro said they had needed to operate because the children's health was going "downhill".

"This was an emergency operation because there was a blockage in their joint intestine which could only be resolved through surgery,” he said.

"The technical surgery worked well, although it was extremely challenging, and went according to plan."

He said more than 20 staff were involved and the twins were moved into different theatres after the separation.

"However, very sadly, after separation baby Hope's lungs proved too small to support her breathing and she died last night in the presence of her parents.

"They are clearly devastated by the loss of their daughter and we offer them our deepest condolences on their loss." Prof Pierro added: “Baby Faith is stable after separation. She requires support for her breathing but she is gradually improving. "However it is early days and complications can occur."