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There are two types of Love – Self-centered Love and Self-denying Love. What is Your Love? Read on, assess yourself, and become a better lover!



Love is real, but it does not have God, neither others, as the center of its affection
It is sentimental, sensual conditional, and irresponsible.
thoughts, feelings and actions are immature and unstable
in its self-centered attitudes, seeks to manipulate the person loved
♥ "This is what I want”
♥ "If I love you… What do I get in return?
♥ "I'll treat you well when you give me what I want, otherwise forget it!”
♥ "If you stop crying, ill give you an ice cream.”
♥ "Husband: “I'll love you if you give me sex”. Wife: “I'll give you sex if you love me.


Satisfy and please self
Give love to receive love
Withhold love in order to manipulate or punish

Temporary satisfaction and happiness
Insecurity and emotional restlessness
Loneliness and emptiness
Development of defense mechanism in order to avoid pain
Dishonesty confusion, and fragmented inner psyche
Conflict and disunity within relationships
Growing apart, isolation, divorce


Love transcends selfishness, sensuality, responsibility and duty as the motivators to love
Seeks to do what is best for others
Thoughts, feelings and actions are stable and mature
This love is the life-giving energy of the Spirit of God. When we receive it, God in us creates a new life.
♥ "I don't like what he did, but oh God, How can l bless him?
♥ "I'll please her, and satisfy her needs, even though she is nor doing the same for me.”
♥ "I'll take the initiative to ask forgiveness and be loving toward him, even if he rejects me
♥ "I'll live in forgiveness, allowing the love of God to glow through me toward everybody, especially those that hurt me. Describe your feelings, words and actions towards your partner.


Profound gratitude for God's love, forgiveness and mercy
Intense desire to love others as God loves me

Joy, contentment and profound internal peace even in the midst of conflict
Security and emotional stability
Willingness to accept pain as part of the process to learn how to love
God given ability to forgive
Transparency, honesty, unity and inner psyche congruency
Intense unify with others
Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health
Spiritual discernment