She Accepted My Love After Eight Years

By Daily Graphic
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I met this lady in the university some eight years ago when I was in first year. She was a year ahead of me.

I became attracted to her and proposed to her but she rejected me. I kept proposing each year because I realised she was still not going out with anyone. She finally accepted my proposal last year.

I have loved her since I met her and I have told her this but I have some insecurities. It is not that I do not trust her, my problem is why she kept me waiting for eight good years if really she loved me as she claims.

Because of her I didn't treat my ex fairly, I just let go of her with no reason. I now have the one I've always loved but how can I overcome my insecurities.JJ, Accra

Dear JJ,

Why do you want to worry your head with unnecessary issues? You have waited for eight years for the love of this lady and now that you have her, you are eating yourself up with problems which do not seem to exist.

You should be enjoying her and not talking by heart.
It does not matter how long it took her to accept your love, what matters is that she finally realised that she loved you back.

She may have reasons for waiting all this while that she may not want you to know. I really do not see your insecurity at all.

If anything at all, she is the one who should feel insecure because after all your claims of love, you still went out with someone else but she did not. So where lies your problem?

Look, just get on with your life and enjoy the relationship while it lasts.