Mum Drives My Friends Away

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am a girl of 16 and in SSS One. Whenever a boy or a girl comes to visit me at home, my mum gets angry for no reason. She drives them away even when we are studying together.

And when they are gone, she insults me and says she doesn't trust me.


Dear Karen, Parents generally have the welfare of their children at heart and, therefore, try to do everything to protect them.

Your mum may be uncomfortable with the kind of friends you keep. But I think she should not send all your friends away in that manner. You need to make friends with your mum and assure her that your friends mean well.

Politely let her know how her behaviour is affecting your relationship with your friends and thereby blocking your chances of studying with them.

Whether she agrees with you or not, make sure you stick to your books and do the best you can. Don't defy her authority.

I hope you study your friend's character well so that nobody will raise eyebrows about your association with them. All the best.