She Is Reluctant To Visit Me

By Daily Graphic
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We are both in our 20s. I am in love with a girl who says she is a virgin. She accepted my proposal a few weeks ago. She knows how much I love her because I tell her so.

My only problem is that she is reluctant to pay me visits at home. We live in the same town and our houses are not far apart but she never visits.

Anytime I invite her over to my place, she agrees but never shows up. This has happened on a number of ocassions.

A few weeks ago, I was able to convince her to visit me. She did and even met some of my friends. After a while, she asked me to escort her home.

I delayed for a few minutes and she started shouting out my name to follow her out. I jokingly passed a comment that she was making me shy. She heard me say that and interpreted it to mean I was ashamed of her.

She left my house like the devil was at her heels. I followed her but I never caught up with her. I called her but she just walked away.

Since then she has been cold towards me anytime I meet her. I really love her. How do I get her back.

Kingsley, Nungua

Dear Kingsley, stop asking her to come over to your place all the time. Go over to her place and stop cornering her only when you meet her. Be a man and go after her.

You may not get her back if you wait to explain issues only when you meet her. She wants to feel special and I don't think your approach gives that indication.

I must agree that it is difficult to tell what's up with your girl. She can't accept your proposal and at the same time feel reluctant to visit or spend quality time with you.

But if the vibes she is getting is that all you want is to 'do' her then she may be reluctant to visit you.

Find time to visit her. Sit her down and explain to her you meant no harm by that remark. Let her win back her trust in you if she gets over her latest reaction and decides to see you again.

If this doesn't work then I am afraid you will have to look somewhere else.