It's no longer news that top actress Uche Nneoma Elendu walked down the aisle with her heartthrob,Ogochukwu Walter,a.k.a Prince Nku on Saturday,January 7,2012 at Assumpta Cathedral,Owerri,Imo State.

The spectacular wedding that cost over N20million was the concluding part of what the couple started four years back.

The groom in his bid to make the event a historic affair,took delivery of nine wonders-on-wheels with customized plate numbers NKU 1 to NKU 9 to convey their friends,families and guests to the venue and hotel rooms.

The event anchored by top comedian,Kingsley Ogbonna popularly called Dauda,was well attended.


The love story between Mr. Ogochukwu Walter a.k.a Prince Nku and actress Uche Nneoma Elendu kicked-off five years back.After dating each other a little while,Uche and Walter started their matrimonial journey four years back with a high profile traditional marriage at Mr.E.I Elendu's compound in Isukwuato,Abia State.

Since then,the couple have weathered all the storm in their relationship which has produced a daughter till Saturday,January 7,2012 when they walked down the aisle in holy matrimony.

Before this day,Prince Nku has in various ways demonstrated true love for his wife,he has built a twin duplex for the actress and has equally acquired posh automobiles for her.

Prince Nku did not leave any stone unturned to ensure that his guests will have a comfortable stay in Owerri,by reserving 40 rooms in over 10 hotels in Owerri town.


From Bexloy Brides London,The bride went to shopping twice in United Kingdom to get her dream wedding dress.

As gathered,she was not impressed with the first dress that came from her first attempt,few days later,she moved back again till she got the highly talked about Bexloy wedding dress designed with gemstone at Bexloy Brides London at the cost of over N1 million.

The groom appeared in a Lanjicio Cerruti suit also from London.


Finally,the D-day came and while the groom,his men and guests were waiting expectantly within the environment of Assumpta Cathedral,the bride arrived with her father,Mr.E.I Elendu and maid of honour,Queen Nwokoye in a dark colour Royal Chariot.

The Chariot became an instant attraction to Owerri people who were outside and those inside the church streamed out towards the bride,but as usual they were nudged back into the church by security men.


Making an entry into the Cathedral where officiating Priests,Rev.Fr. Chijioke Ekeada and Rev.Fr. Augustine Opara will join the couple together became a huge problem for actresses.

The first people to hit the gate that was guarded by church wardens were actress Obot Etuk and her friend.

They were practically pushed outside by the Warden for improper dressing,the Warden did not care to know if anybody was a star or moon.The actresses found their way to the Priest and narrated the story of being top actresses from Lagos,but the church officials insisted that development.

Immediately,the Priest instructed the actresses to buy scarf from vendors outside the church,cover their hair and go inside the church.However,other actresses such as Oge Okoye who appeared in off-shoulder outfit,Mrs .Sophia Chikere who had deep split on her skirt,Mrs Oge Asiegbu who was putting on a short gown did not make any attempt to come close to the door.


Veteran actress Rita Edochie,although dressed in a well respectable way,joined other actresses and stay away from the church.Few minutes after commencement of church service,the officiating Priest and custodians started searching for her as they cannot continue without her.This is because,Mrs. Edochie was mother of the day and needed to stand beside the bride throughout the day.

Eventually,the veteran actress was spotted around the corner and was led into the cathedral.


With the little bride,Delphine Walter standing beside her,actress Uche Elendu joined the clique of women whose children witnessed their weddings and actually appeared in their bridal train.This is because dark skin and pretty Delphine Walter is the little baby which Uche had immediately after traditional marriage to Mr. Ogochukwu Walter four years back.

She played the big role of little bride at her parent's wedding.


It was discovered that the couple scheduled to entertain their guests and host their wedding reception at De-Range Lounge and Bar,but the plans changed few weeks to the wedding.

As gathered,Imo State House of Assembly Speaker,Hon. Ben Uwajumogu took over from where the groom stooped and sponsored the reception.

He changed the reception venue and took everybody to Imo House of Assembly,Owerri ground.

After church service,Hon. Uwajumogu,his entourage and a convoy of six Prado Jeeps led the long motorcade to a well decorated arena at Imo House of Assembly where the reception took place.


The parts played by top actress Queen Nwokoye and Emma Ehumadu,a.k.a Tortolos were very prominent as Maid of Honour and Best Man.
It was a happy day for the film makers as they enjoyed every part of the show.Mr. Ehumadu who has gradually turned to the darling of Nollywood babes was particularly happy at being paired with Miss Nwokoye.This is because he almost said “I Do” to the actress,as he was not only hugging,caressing,but also kissing her.To people who failed to understand his gesture,it was indeed wedding within a wedding,but it was later discovered that Mr. Ehumadu was just playing the make-belief game without a director and producer.


Before 4pm on Friday,top actress Maureen Solomon,her husband and kids had arrived at the grrom's residence.From that evening,she became very busy with preparations and attending to other guests.

This actress who has managed to maintain a very good relationship with the bride for many years was so busy with house-keeping that she could not attend church service.

At the wedding reception,it was a replica of what she did during Uche Elendu's traditional marriage years back,as Mrs. Solomon worked as an usher and served food and drinks to people.

In fact,the talented actress was not spotted sitting down anywhere till everybody left the event.


Light skin and pretty actress Uche Ogbodo was one of people expected to be very much on ground and active at this wedding,as she has been very close to the bride for many years.

Four years back,the actress was one of the house-keepers at Miss Elendu's traditional marriage and she put great effort to ensure that everything was successful.

Meanwhile,Miss Ogbodo was nowhere near Owerri,let alone attend the wedding ceremony.

Miss Ogbodo's absence,as we gathered is because she has not returned from a London trip.

Most importantly is the gist that she is no longer close to her friends like before as her name was not even among the bridal train.


Although actress Uche Elendu had a lot of her friends and relatives who worked endlessly to achieve the success of the wedding,there were people who played prominent roles for the couple.They include top actresses such as Oge Okoye,Sophia Tchidi Chikere,Mary Uranta,Adaorah Ukoh and Oge Asiegbu,while the grooms men include,Ogbonna Elendu and Sunday Igweaniba.

Princess Joan Nzeribe and top actress Rita Tony-Edochie were the mothers of the day.

The wedding was planned by Jennifer Nwaji,while Rt.Hon. Ben Uwajumogu was the sponsor.,

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