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There are some garments that are timeless classics and gowns fit this category perfectly. Lately, gowns have become the most preferred outfits for women at formal functions, awards and premieres. In all times, women love dresses. And even now super-modern ladies still want to look feminine and wear nice gowns that flatter their figures.

They make a woman feel like a queen with the flowing drapes and cuts.

However, there are factors which need to be considered when wearing a gown. They are height, weight, body shape and type, plus proportions such as bust to waist, waist to hips, upper body to lower body. Gowns need to be simple, well cut with minimum embellishments.

The most important thing while choosing a gown is the fabric. It has to be soft, and extravagant fabrics like silk, velvet, satin and chiffon work best.

Gowns, either short or long, and comes in different styles and colours, have come to stay. As it is, gown has become a-must-have item in every woman's wardrobe.