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Our today's Foreignized Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World is suffering from a very serious surgical Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaLeadership Crisis of unparalleled proportion and unheard of gravity .

There is a great penury of brave, visionary and selflessly dedicated Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan leaders to lead and mobilize the suffering, hopeless, helpless, powerless, divided and dependent "modern" Continental Afrikan masses for their salvation.

The growing crisis facing the Continental AfrikaWorld today is mostly due to the fact that today's Continental AfrikaWorld has been reduced to a body without a head.

Arab/Islam, Western/Christian-based and oriented educated and trained Leaders, Scholars and Elite as Products of Arab/Western Slavery, Colonialism and Neocolonialism have successfully transformed today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans into the only people on earth without leaders of their making and who answer to them as their Sovereign Foundation .

Every group of the Human Race has its own leadership created and controlled by the group to promote, defend and protect its Interests, Causes and Needs in life.

That is why the world over, all the leaders (political, economic, business, intellectual, religious, spiritual and social) who count in our today's world today are the PRODUCTS OR CREATIONS of their people.

Chinese leaders are the products of Chinese culture and society.

White American leadership is the product of the Anglo-Saxon power and culture even if they hide it as ' American' .

So is the Japanese leadership the product of Japanese culture and values.

This means, they speak and understand the language of the people they represent and serve.

As products of their various societies and people, these leaders know where their people are coming from.

They are part of a whole, a unified base and voice called the nation.

They are not manufactured elsewhere and imposed on their populations.

They have a people to depend on. A people who speak and understand the same language as do their leaders.

In this way, the public are not cut away or divorced from their leadership.

This makes easy governing or leading such a people for results that will improve and better their lots in life.

However, the above concept of the need for a leader to come from within his/her people is an Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Idea conceived and practiced in Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrika for over 3 million years.

This enabled Continental Afrika to give Continental Afrika and Humanity the world first concept and practice of leadership of the people by the people and for the people.

That is a leadership from within rather than from imposed from outside .

Hence, as long as Ancient Continental Afrika has Indigenous and Authentic Continental AfrikaLeaders as the PRODUCTS of their people kept in power by their own People to serve the needs , interests and causes of all their people, everything is ok.

But anytime Continental Afrika be it in Ancient Kongo or Ancient Nubia or Ancient Ethiopian or Ancient Egypt etc allowed foreigners or their puppets to rule Continental Afrikans, the result is always fragmentation, division, chaos, confusion, dependency, powerlessness, hopelessness, helplessness, frustration, suffering and death for Continental Afrikans.

This is true of Ancient Afrika Ethiopian leaders as opposed to foreign leaders on Afrika Ethiopian Thrones.

This is true for Indigenous Continental AfrikaLeaders on Ancient Afrika Egyptian Throne as opposed to foreign leaders or their puppets on Egyptian throne.

This is equally true for Indigenous Afrikan Rulers/Leaders on the Continental Afrikan Thrones of Ancient/Traditional Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Zimbabwe, Zulu, Ashanti, Dahome, Oyo, Hausa, Berber etc

This explains why all the first 62 of about 163 AfrikaPyramids were built when Authentic Traditional/Indigenous Afrikan leaders were in power in Ancient Egypt.

This is so because foreigners came and still come to Continental Afrika for their interests.

Ancient/Traditional Afrikan leaders from within are chosen or elected by or with the consent of the very people they represent and serve and to whom they are fully accountable.

Hence, today's concept of leadership practiced in today's Arab/Western/Jewish world which we now think is better than our own created Afrikacentric Leadership has nothing new in its origin, goals or objective.

The proof is that long before the birth of today's Arab/Western/Jewish forms of leadership which 99% of our today's leaders all over Continental Afrika are copying blindly and have become so addicted to, dependent on and enslaved by , our own Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaLeadership was producing in countless numbers the world first Afrikapeople based and oriented leaders such as Afrika Pharaohs, Queens, Kings, Emperors, scholars, priests, etc. as the PRODUCTS of their AfrikaPeople, Culture and Civilization and who have successfully guided the affairs of Continental Afrikans for over 3 million years.

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