Actress AMEZE IMARIAGBE tells us''i am back''

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Ameze Imariagbe disappeared over a decade ago..just when her career in the movies was begining toblossom.she is still remembered for perfectly delivered crying roles though.we interviewd the actress who is set to storm nollywood and she excitedly tells us'Ameze is back'!..Amezeis back where,how and for what? find out in this interview.

1.How have you been ameze?

---I've been doing well. I thank God for all that I've been able to do and achieve.

2.How come after so many years of silence you suddenly want to return to making movies?

--The silence was not really intentional. There were other pressing priorities that had to be taken care of first.And I've also come to realise things happen in their own time...and its usually at the right time.This is my right time.

3.You said things happen in their own time and this is your time,can you tell us exactly what you are referring to?

--You asked where i have been all thise time.if i have not been seen or heardof its because thats how it was meant to be,if i am coming out now,perhaps it is designed to be my time.

4-What have you been doing all these years?

---I have been doing what I have to do to keep living.a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

5. Tell us about your re-launch into nollywood with the movie flesh and blood part2.

---This past June I had a screening/launching of my movie "Flesh and Blood II (the final conflict). It was very successfully. It was really like a "coming out " party for me.Ameze is back!..There has been a lot of feed back. it is good to know I've still "got it!".The responses and reactions have been overwhelming!. There have been offers to star in productions but I'm taking my time. I have productions I'm working on also.

6.The movie offers that have been bombarding you,are they from nollywood?

...The offers are from all over.nollywood is also part of the offers.

7-Any plans on relocating back home to nigeria?

---I will not be relocating to Nigeria,or you know what?never say never.who knows where God is leading me.I am open to going to Nigeria for productions though.

8-Ameze used to cry easily in movies ,it was like magic,a lot of years have gone by,do you think you can re-enact this magic?..

.---Crying?of course!.Once you get into the character, you begin to feel what they feel.

9.Do you think you are still a marketable actress?

--Oh yes, get offers,Im just taking my time on the right vehicle to launch my comeback.

10,-Aside from you have any other thing on the side.

..Yes,its no big deal with entertainers.

11-You said ameze is back,do you intend to break into nollywood as an actress or as a producer?

---Am I breaking into Nollywood as an actress or producer????I am not breaking into Nollywood.I am a pioneer of Nollywood,before nollywood was I was.I have contributed to the industry's growth and I acted in both capacities before both as a producer and an actress.

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