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A chieftain of the Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Nosa Omoregie, has said, 'this is not the best of time for the party in the state.'

Besides, he expressed fear, saying 'this house may crumble on us, if we handle with kid gloves, the impending political catastrophe that threatens us day in and out.'

Omoregie, who spoke in an exclusive interview, alluded to the incessant depletion and decamping gale confronting the PDP in the state said: 'I have no doubt that over 80 per cent membership of the party believes we should support Governor Adams Oshiomhole for a second term, while we strategize for other elections like the local government and post-Oshiomhole's tenure, but this exodus is a pointer that our leadership is no longer acceptable to the people we are leading, even as our members are ready to vote for Oshiomhole in the gubernatorial elections next year while remaining in the party.'

'For me, I have always canvassed for an option of a gentleman agreement with Oshiomhole; that we reach a working relationship for his government to succeed and then hand over power to us. There is no doubting the fact that the governor has achieved laudable milestones and would sure leave a lasting legacy in the sand of time. For me, it is better for us all. To attempt to scuttle this developmental transition and revolution is to hamper the cause of development in the state and take Edo backward.

'For future elections, I sincerely doubt if we can match what the ruling party has in stock; in the area of membership, party discipline, unity, achievement in office and popularity. I do not believe the money we boast all about can create an in-road to winning the support of the people because the acceptability of Oshiomhole has even reduced our membership as reflected in the avalanche of those who have left the party. This is overwhelming and worrisome.

'In one way, it smacks of vote of no confidence on the leadership of the party, unacceptability and irrelevance. You simply cannot tell the next PDP big fish that will decamp the next day. And all their reasons have been the style of Oshiomhole's governance, One Man, One Vote mantra democratization of leadership and political space coupled with his achievements across the local government areas.

'The challenge that confronts us today is this unfolding reality despite our claim of being on ground; we almost lost all our followers almost daily.'

'Again, we cannot blame them because any practical politician with good intentions and who believes that politics is all about development, would have no option than to join the Oshiomhole ship and for those of us who remain in the party craving for a better leadership that is people-oriented, we must not forget that Edo State belongs to us all and as such protect its collective interest than personal one or selfish ends.'

On the recent media attacks on Oshiomhole's government, Omoregie said, 'it is expected of an opposition party to act as a check on the ruling party in form of criticism but if any, it must be constructive and should provide alternative.'

We must not criticize because we want to be heard. Let us be careful in expressing our ignorance and therefore paint a picture as if we are averse to development. I have not seen, among all those criticizing the Oshiomhole administration, a conscientious, liberalized and civilized one. They all want to satisfy a particular person or justify their pay as against the collective interest of the general people of the state.'