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Brethren greetings in the name of the Risen Christ,Glad to be one of the beneficial of his grace and his Love is enough for me and my Family.

This sunday ,we are to hear the good news,some of us dread to hear,we are to touch the topic that is painful to many,we thread where people fear to thread ,all in search of a good Christian home and Marriage.

That you do not like it will not take away the truth in it,so relax and thank God for his mercies,also reflect on the message and see how you can hand your problems back toGod ,for him to settle it for you.

Today i write with wrinckles and frown face on the Marital Divorce that is eaten deeply into the life of people and mostly within the shores of Christian Family.It is with great concern that one noticed the non challant motivation of Divorce within the family of some of us that called our faith -Christ like.

It is alarming the rate divorce is encouraged in the world of today and mostly inside Western part of the globe.Maybe because of the twist that made divorce a lucrative business and profitable to women of western culture ,and to men over there ,it is like buying MERCHANDISE from Supermarket ,after using it for a while you then return it for a refund or exchange.What is this brother talking about ?

I am saying that Divorce is encouraged because the leaders of modern day world took away God,s law and replace it with the laws of men.

10But to the married people I give charge--not I but the Lord--that the wife is not to separate from her husband.1 Corinthians 7 vs 10

An instance is ,the Bible said that the man is the head of the Household but the laws of western men said NO ,that man and woman is the head of the family,wherefore two drivers are trying hard to drive this CAR of marriage and that is why there is always accidents of divorce along the way, and laws of men encouraged Divorce by making Women to benefit more and without sweat from any broken marriage.If we are to take into cognizant ,marriages in other parts where the Man is seen as Head of the house -as ordained by God,there we will discover that Divorce is never a way out and therefore not an option.

Let us take my place Alaigbo for instance ,when there is dissolution of marriage which is 1 out of 1000 cases ,the man decides if the woman keep what and what, and in that case ,no woman wants to start life anew and that makes women steadfast in marriages and work toward the perfection of that marriage.No matter the provocation the woman will always find it in her heart to pray for the peace and tranquility of the marriage, therefore divorce is never an option,Juxtapose it with Western marriages that reward women with at least 50% of the gross and see that it encourages women to enter into it and see it as an avenue to live big and reap bountifully without breaking sweat.

Because Western world encouraged Divorce ,they without alternative encourage tons of woes ,such as ..
White men mostly are bottled up with emotion that some of them goes about life having double life,majority of them turned to SERIAL KILLER,because they do not have a way to open up and set off the emotion and fear of how the wife will ruin him after the divorce ,he goes about taking out lives of other innocent women ,in a guise of punishing women.
Some will cut up the wife and bury them in mud or bury them in garrage ,which atimes it takes eternity for them to be discovered.

The Wives also set the husband up and kill them to inherit the insurance that was taking against the life of the man.

The Children bear the blunt of the whole thing ,because the children out of frustration will start having sex at the age of 10,drugs at 12,tattoo at 14 and by school age they,ve bought gun to kill other students just to vent out frustration,and at 17 they,ve gone to jail more than 3 times as Juvenile and become INSOLVENT for life.

If Divorce dividend should be changed today and make it un-paid to women ,you will see that women are very good managers that can manage even a broken and shattered homes but hence there is reward to failures at home ,why should they work to make any marriage WORK ?instead they help it to collapse and that way they benefit the more,while the children become useless.

No marriage is too hard or harsh for a woman to fine tune ,if she set her mind on it.That means she has to let go of many friends that will advise her otherwise,she has to becareful of mothers that advise them to prepare for rainy days and she has to see that marriage as her PRIVATE CROSS ,which she must carry ,when she starts seeing marriage from that pespective ,you see that she will enjoy making her marriage a success.

We should not forget some of our men with pimples in thier brain,who derive joy making the wife angry,some of them are married to bottle and some sneak behind any giving skirt ,just to get what he has with quality guarrantted at home.This type of men ,atimes lift thier hands to pummel the wife,but when they met fellow men outside and there is cause for pummeling ,they will deflate like ballon pricked by a needle.Some of them with spirit of failure depend on the wife entirely to provide funds for the family.I am not talking about those that are working and things are not working out, but those that hate to work but love a good life.

My main concern here is why must Christians even discuss Divorce and even seek Counselors that will counsel them on how to proceed with an anomaly ?,When we say we are Christians we are aping CHRIST and we must take solace in him and his counsel ,but take the ways of the World and you come out second best.God gave us a standard for marriage in the Book of Mathew Chapter 19 vs 6 B and i quote "What therefore God hath joined together ,let not man put asunder" But the people of the World and some Christians said NO WAY that God lied and they introduced a man that stood in disagreement with God with Asunder as his Job,we now call him/her JUDGE that annul marriages and pronounce asunder with reckless abandon.

If i may ask ,who are we to take his judgement ?the Laws of God who is supreme or Laws of men that are bent to save the high and might and oppress the down trodden ? ,do not wait for the answer because most of us choose to go the ways of men.

Who is he that has the temerity and muscle to pronounce dissolved what God called marriage ? Who is he that went to him the mortal Judge to sit on Judgment on his Holy matrimony ? .
Marriage as far as i am concern is a divine design from the beginning and that makes it supreme declaration of the almighty ,so for any buy 1 get 2 Judge of a person to declare it Null and Void ,is a perfect madness.

When the Lord said in the good old book called The Bible said- NO MAN PUT ASUNDER ,he is not carrying water in his mouth ,he said no Man and that includes all the Judges and magistrates that flaunted and faulted the Divine Ethics of FOR better for worse,in health and in sickness ,till death do us part.Some of this Judges are not even married,so how are they to know the do,s and dont,s in marriage ?some are gays and lesbians and they stand in Judgment over the declaration of God ?.

I have heard some Men said that the wife is an Idiot,local champion ,below his class ,Harlot and prostitute ,Yes that might be truth after all ,it is he that wears the shoe that knew where it pinches.But i want to point out to us that hence you,ve married her for more than 24 hours ,you have automatically become THE HUSBAND OF A HARLOT, Husband of BELOW CLASS, Husband of IDIOT and all the names you have called her ,so next time you call your wife bad name ,kindly add to your name -THE HUSBAND OF WHATEVER CHOICE DEROGATORY name that you gave to your wife.If she is anything below you ,that means you have to brought her up to your standard and or go down to her level.

Women ,some have a foul mouth that stink like GUTTER IN BIDA ONITSHA,when they talk to the Husband ,shame will catch you wey dey waka for back.Imagine a woman that speaks like an ordained idiot to her husband and children ,and when she enter house the house will be on fire .If the husband remember that he got some Liability back home ,he will prefer to visit a friend that live 50 Miles away.When the husband friend wants to visit them at home ,the husband will prefer to meet the person at any Restaurant,because the house should be liken-ed to ISRAEL -PALESTINE BORDER.How come the man will not seek for peace outside the matrimonial home ? and para venture the woman outside will call that same man which the woman of the house use to call USELESS MAN ,The Girl outside will call the same man -sweet heart ,honey,paw paw and the outside woman will cook for him and run his bath water and stay close by while the man eats.How do you think that the man will leave where he is King to where he is facing barrage of heart attack.Woman ,respect and cherish your husband and you will see that he is BEST of the BEST.That also is not any reason why a man should even consider stepping outside his matrimonial home to get happiness,because if you marry that same outside woman ,she will turn Tiger on you ,if you do to her what you did to the previous one.

If you want to know when you have the heart of your husband ,watch how he love to eat your food.Watch how he loves to stay home and play with the kids.Meanwhile ,if you want to make a fine family always try and eat with your man ,even if it means taking few piece from his plate .That shows caring.

Predicament of Children in such situation:
Often times ,children bear the brunt of mistake of adults which resulted into divorce ,this children did not ask two of you to mate and bring them into taking side on who is a better parents.If the future of this child should be affected by any Divorce ,let the parents pray that i won,t be among the Celestial Judges that will preside on the judgement day in heaven.

You need to hear some Parents talking about the opposite patner that he/she has been married to for years ,some will tell the Children -Your mother is a prostitute ,that is true because you are a Husband of prostitute and by implication you are telling your children that they are offspring of prostitute.
Which means whatever they do in life ,they must not forget that they are the offspring of PROSTITUTE.
Some will tell the children that the Husband or Wife is Evil ,which means the children are Son,s and daughters of Lucifer ?.

Listen parents ,no matter what you are going through with your spouse ,it is between two of you and the sooner both of you understand that it is not the business of your children ,the better for two of you ,because you two have to reconcile ,kiss up or make up.

How do we then circumvent divorce ? ..
It is as simple as ABC, Do not marry if you cannot pray,marriage and prayers are partners and one cannot do without the other .
The Family that prays together stays glued and enjoy an everlasting marriage.
Women/Man when was the last time you prayed for your husband/Wife ?,when was the last time you asked God to prosper him/her ,to make him a God Fearing Husband/Wife,to protect him/her from snares and evil of the society?.
Have you asked God to protect your marriage and make it worthy of emulation ?
Have you prayed for your Children and ask God to bind all the family together and make them bounty of LOVE ?.
The Family that dines together is bound together.Are you the type that ask the husband to use the mcrowave because you are too busy and tired ?Did you ask him in a mild and respectful tone or you think that because he is not making same amount of money like you ,that he should not be the head of the family again ?that means you are challenging God and his commandment.

The Woman that knows how to choose her words is a jewel of inestimable value and fellow women go after her to seek counsel.

The Man/Husband must endure even the most provocation and ready to over look the bad side and embrace the good side of the wife ,meanwhile praying for a good change of the bad side to a better side.
Have you prayed for Divine intervention in your Marriage and Family ?Do you say NO ?,then better start today to pray that GOD will take pre-eminence in your marriage and family and you will see a transfiguration right in your own house and life.

My advise to Wives -
Please do not compare yourself to the other lady ,you are you, and she is she.
If her husband gave her Diamond ,what is your business with that ,unless you want to exchange Husband if not ,let her manage her Diamond while you manage that which you got that she never have.Comparising is the worst mistake any marriage can expirience .

There is no known script that works in all marriages ,that is why yours and mine can never be same.We take them as they come but we must have something at the back of our mind -DIVORCE IS NOT OUR PORTION.

When a fellow woman tells you that "i cannot take that shit from any man"tell her that to her it might be shit but to you it is MATURITY AND FAMILY BUILDING.

Watch out for those friend that always tell you how to control your husband ,they are home breakers and if you mind them ,you will soon have more charms than PERICOMA.
If your mother advise you against your husband ,send her back to her own husband.
I tell us the truth ,there is no marriage a woman will not tolerate ,even a dead one can be ressurected,that is, if the woman decide to go for it and not minding EGO TRIP .The best FAMILY MANAGER is the WIFE.

Please note that God do not give any man wife ,rather he choose to bless it after a man must have find himself a wife ,did you say what ? ,just wait let me argue it a second ..In the good Book of Genesis Chapter 3 verse 12 and i quote "And the man [Adam] said,the woman you gavest me to be with me,she gave me of the tree and i did eat it" ,this was Adam sparring with God ,simply because God asked him how did he know that he is naked.Adam wanted to shift the blame to God and instead to answer the question ,he accused God for giving him EVE as a wife and helper ,that did it, and God since then never point or give us wife but rather he gave us an option -FIND A WIFE and i will give you favor,Read Proverbs Chapter 18 Verse 22 and i quote "He who findeth a wife,findeth a good thing and obtaineth Favor from the Lord".
Did you notice that God gave us the freedom to search for own wife ?.That means you have to search right and with diligent ,so that if there is discrepancy you will own up and not accuse anybody,in that respect ,if there is short coming on the marriage ,the solution is boldly on he that searched and findeth ,if the human solution refused to address anomaly then Introduce the Wonderful counselor,The Omni presence ,Omni potent ,omni wonders and he will step in to rectify that which is crooked.If he can resurrect the death and dry bones that has stayed hundreds of years in the valley [Ezekiel 37] ,what is a marriage with ordinary hiccups ?.
He do not even need to visit the house,his word is his bond and he will give you a life time bond to set your home on the part of peace.
What i am saying is that we as christian should not trust ,nor put our cares on some JUDGES or Magistrate to violate our Divine ordination by pronouncing us DIVORCED,rather we should put our trust in God to straighten and Marriage ,Family and life.

What about if i am Divorced already ?-Then pray , that which is lost shall be found and recovered,you can task and torture self with fasting and prayers as atonement for what you want to dis-recover .If you think or have regretted quiting that marriage ,then pray to God to re-create and mend your broken marriage and after you must have prayed for 7 days ,pick up phone and call your spouse and you will see if God answered your prayers or not.

HOW ABOUT IF THE MARRIAGE IS HEADING FOR THE ROCKS ?..What do you do when you are driving a Car and it is heading to a ROCK ?.
What do you do if you are diagnosed with an ailment that is life threating ? do you cut off your life or fight with your might to stay alive ?
Well what you do if your marriage is heading to the Rock is to look at the bright side and steer it toward that.

WHAT OF IF THE SPOUSE IS A MONSTER ?...,SINCE you did not discover the monster part before you marry him/her ,then it must mean that you are special person made to turn off the Monster aspect of the spouse.Stop looking for the bad side ,try and see the GOLDEN side and use it to heal the bad side.

WHAT OF IF THERE IS NO MORE LOVE ? .... SAME thing you will do if your own house is old ,repair it ,repaint it and bring in new furniture.
Marital life comes with all types of hiccups and you need to see it as NO BED OF ROSES but a test of maturity and you will ecxel.

The Bible said -WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER ,LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER ,Unless you are wiser than God and Judges are better placed than the Bible and here i rest my case.

By Mazi Odera EXCLUSIVE for http://www.nollywoodgists.com