Short and sexy

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With its different styles and variations, short hairstyles top the list of versatile, stylish and manageable hairstyles. But many women worry that short hairdos might make them look boyish. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as there are many ways to keep the short do sassy and sexy.

One of the easiest ways to keep short styles sexy and feminine is to add a few curls and layers when you are cutting it. When you add lots of layers to your short cut, style possibilities are endless.

When layers get progressively longer from the exterior to the top, you can roller set the interior for soft, feminine curl.
Make sure the person cutting your hair knows exactly how you want to look. Take along a few pictures showing the different elements you want to add.

Another trick is to tuck part of the hair on the sides behind your ear and leave a few strands on the side to frame the face.
Try keeping hair closer to your head than away. A cut that follows the natural shape of your head by tapering inwards at the nape and rounding out at the top helps a lot.

There are a few more tricks you will probably discover yourself as you learn to live with short hair, such as finger styling for a tussled look. All of these add to the va-va-voom factor that makes short hair so desirable.