RMAFC Slashes Yar’dua’`s & co allowances: and so what ?

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Dear Editor

Though the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC, had announced as above recently; all it may achieve remains minimal and could pass a window dressing. It would rather make most of the beneficiaries more daring in recouping in many other ways what the public is now been fooled about.

Until corruption is tackled head-on would any meaningful action checking the brazen way our leaders misappropriate public funds, yield any fruit. Our leaders consider as a personal estates, the resources kept in their care. You can imagine, for example, the former FCT Minister of State, Senator James Akpanudoedehe revealing recently in Champion newspaper that his State Governor Akpabio told him to his face that anyone who fails to support him (Akpabio) would die of hunger. If that could come from a man to another who was Chairman of his campaign organization when it mattered, then you imagine the fate of those who are faraway the corridors of powers.

People who are in the rooms (not the corridors) of power in Nigeria seem not to learn from history; once they get into the room (office) they play God. They direct funds to where it benefits them most and not according to the masses that they are suppose to be leading. The Federal Government had set up anti-graft agencies which are mostly good at being used against perceived enemies.

To the media; my appeal is for you to continue doing what you do best for the masses, namely, exposing those corrupt leaders, pointing the way forward, reporting factually without fear or favour or compromise. Some of you are reclining and to those in this class, please reconsider your stand.

Chief Kenneth Holmes
234 Okigwe Road
Owerri – Imo State.

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