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Star actress Iyabo Ojo has been enmeshed in a controversial fight with Lizzy Anjorin in recent time over who is more superior.

These days Iyabo does not speak about that issue anymore.

But then, there are other controversial issues which include the allegation that the top actress is now a pimp.

In a recent interview, she spoke on the pimping allegations and other issues.

Excerpts from the interview;

You are said to be a club freak, how true is this?

(Laughs) Well, I don't club any more like I used to do 2, 3 years back. Then I used to be a club freak but for the past few years now, I hardly club, I do once in a while because I love dancing and I like music and when I go to the club,I listen to good music and it is also an opportunity to dance.

I think dancing is one of the reasons I go to club. But in the last 2,3 years I don't have time to go clubbing that much. But unfortunately when I was clubbing hard, nothing was written but now that I don't, stories are written.

I'm an outgoing person, I like going out,I like meeting people, I like honouring invitations and I think that's where the problem comes. I didn't have that time because we work a lot and our work entails a lot of stress so I just unwind myself by going out to have fun but I'm not a club freak anymore. I used to be.

So why did you decide to change from being a club freak?

Age changes you like time changes you, you know the older you become, the more you begin to loose interest in some certain things you do when you were young. The more you grow older, you have more responsibilities and you are very busy you can see that my production has stepped up and I'm always very busy trying to get things right about my production.

It wasn't that I wasn't busy then but the younger you are you have more time for life but as you grow, more responsibilities are added and your mindset is on a different level so it's not that I don't like clubbing, if I have the opportunity to club I will club again.

I love clubbing, I love dancing. I don't like ngbati-ngbati songs though I'm a Yoruba person but I don't like going to shows to watch Fuji musicians.I'm a Fuji fan though but I prefer to go to club and listen to hip-hop music.

I'm a hip-hop person. The last time I've been to club was about three months ago unlike before.

But there is the insinuation in town that you pimp these girls that hang around you to men?

Let me clear this, I've heard it before but it doesn't bother me because what I don't do and people talk that I do it doesn't bother me, I have grown a thick skin to all this.

I am too busy; I don't even have time for myself not to talk of having time to pimp anybody. Most of these girls have their own life they live. They have their own relationship they deal with, I am not too friendly with men, ask around. I don't have men in my diary that I pimp people to because I am not too friendly with men.

I try to keep men at a very far distance so I don't have time to pimp anybody. When I go out I go out because I want to have fun,I don't go out because I want to go and meet anybody because I'm working.

I have money to buy my own drink. I don't go out just because I want a guy to buy me drink so girls who go with me can go out with me if I can afford to buy them drinks or they can afford to buy themselves but that's not to say they don't have their relationship.

I don't bring girls together because I want to pimp them, I bring them together because I want to help them stand on their feet.

This allegation has given a lot of girls a wrong impression about me that some of them sent me text messages that please I like if you can introduce me to men and I tell them dear, I don't pimp and for the ladies out there who think I pimp I'm sorry to disappoint you I don't so don't come near me as you will be disappointed.

I have my own daughter and I have my own life. If you come close to me, you come close to me because you want to be friend and we can go out together if we have places to go and if not we stay at home, that's why I make my house comfortable, that's me.