Tunde Omolola Samuel - OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE.

By Nero Records

My name is Tolaore Atalabi, am the public relations personnel for Nero entertainment, Tunde Samuel Omolola being the ceo and Leah Abiara as the vice president.

With reference to the article placed on www.modernghana .com, regarding Tunde omolola Samuel . I have been hereby directed by Tunde Omolola Samuel to make the following official statement.

1 Tunde Omolola Samuel is fully aware of the various demeaning accusations said about him and his family.

2 That all accusations made against him regarding the condescending idea of him drinking himself to stupor and womanizing are all lies and offensive. He considers this accusation a deformation of his character.

3 That he should and will not be held liable for the actions of any adult family member of his.

4 That he does not appreciate any kind of misinterpretation of his family's activities.

5 That he will appreciate his family issues kept private.

6 That he does not carry girls from clubs of any sort for any reason .He is a God fearing and law abiding citizen of this country.

7 That his youngest sister is officially nineteen years of age and should be responsible for her every action

8 That whatever information Temitope must have given any correspondent s regarding his personal life should considered highly questionable and should be disregarded.

9 That he has the highest respect for Miss Leah Abiara, and their relationship,all this false negativity is unfair to their personal lives.

10 That temitope is not a student of lead city University, Ibadan.

11 That he loves his family beyond bounds, and will protect them despite all odds.

12 That it important to understand the nature of his business, which leaves room for frequent social activities which should not be seen or misinterpreted by myopic minded individuals as an avenue for promiscuity .

13 As the fatherly figure in the life of his family members, Tunde Samuel Omolola has never at any point in time relented in trying to give them a meaningful life to the best of his ability.

At this point, I personally want to discard and condemn all derogatory accusations made about Tunde Samuel Omolola and Leah Abiara. It breaks my heart to conclude that the essence of journalism today can be critically questioned as a result of these frivolous and demeaning accusations. These two young industrious young people have always been conscious of the way they carry themselves in public. I would know this for a fact because I happen to be his close friend and senior employee with his company. At this point I would like to make it known that this media irregularities has taken a negative and ripple effect on Tunde's family name and cooperate status and reputation not to mention the adverse effect it is has on the Abiara family name which happens to a house hold name both locally and internally. A lot of damage has been done and I hope this official press release will avert further damages and where possible mend some of the already done damage.

On this note, I would strongly advise you to disregard any false negativity about Tunde Samuel Omolola, Miss Leah Abiara and Nero entertainment/records.

For more information regarding Tunde Samuel Omolola, Miss Leah Abiara, and the company you can check our website www.myspace.com/nerorecordsentertainment.

ATTN: Irrespective of the circumstances of our meeting, I would like to use this opportunity to inform you that Nero entertainment/records is present working on the promotion and release of two of our ace artistes. We are presently working with mtv network, Rush films, one entertainment e.t.c .Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of the promotional team. You can reach me on the following numbers, 080-7430-4121, 070-2680-4338.my email address is ([email protected])

Omolola Tama Ushantto

My name is Omolola tama ushantto,a graduate of lead city university ibadan where i obtained a barchelors degree in comunication and media technology.i have also obtained a diploma in multimedia production techniques from MTI.,I am the second of 6 children in the Omolola family.
it was brought to our attention at early hours of today 29th jan,2009,that there was an article floating on a net regarding my eldest brother,tunde samuel omolola and my youngest sister temitope omolola.
i would like to start by clearify certain thing about my brother.He is a very hardworking and caring young man who has always put friends and family before himself .he has done and is still doing everything to give us his siblings quality education and a good life.he has spent a fortune just sending me and my twin sister to one of the best schools in the country,not to mention my younger ones.
He is in a happy and fulfilling relationship with leah abiara and has no reason to womanize all over clubs.it has never been his way of life.
i am a young woman of high socio-moral standards,and tunde omolola is the greatest contributing factor to my personna and i forever thank him.
With regards to the statment made in the article about him drinking himself to stupor,i strongly implore you to disregard such derogatory statement.tunde is a social drinker and and has always been an ambassador of responsible drinking.

With regards to statement made about my youngest sister regarding the possibility of her engaging in acts of prostitution.i would like to say there has never been any sign of such derogatory acts to the best of my knowledge and i speak for the entire family.

temitope is an adult and is responsible for her life.she is a young woman has a nark for dancing and has decided to make a career out of it as a professional dancer.people have a tendency of misconcieving this.

temitope is my sister and even though she could be militant from time to time,which is normal at a particular point in every young adults life.i do not see my sister engaging in any act of protitution.

At this point, i would like to let u know that this article has given my entire family a huge blow consequently scacring our hearts.
On behalf of my entire family ,i would like to say that there has been a lot of irregularities in the said article and it has been harsh on me,temi(the victim) and my entire family.

I would apreciate it if u could pass my message to the world,my sister is not a prostitute.she is too young not equiped to handle such emotional trauma.Thank you and God bless