By NBF News

After the jubilation and praise singing that accompanied Gov. Amaechi's victory at the polls, it seems as though heaven has being let loosed on him as he is getting all the accolades and attention to himself almost at the same time.

Few weeks after his election victory, he was elected chairman of the governors forum. A positon Gov. Saraki of Kwara State held in the last four years. Shortly afterwards, Gov. Amaechi was celebrated the best Governor, on the successful implementation of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) policy, with a whooping 400 million naira to go with as prize money.

May be as my publication comes out, more awards will be pouring in, I dont know. But one thing am concerned about is how well and how meaningful Gov. Amaechi's victories, will be to an average Rivers man or woman, or should I say the youths?

In a congratulatory speech made by her Excellency, Dame Judith, she promised that her husband will help Rivers women and children in more ways that we can possibly phanthom. I was happy to hear madam say women and children, but my worry still remains. How feasible will it be? Ater all, his Excellency need'nt have to become a forums chairman before he can impact positively on the lives of its citizens.

Citizens of of Rivers State should be among the proudest in Nigeria. Simple issues as power, job creation, human capital development, scholarships to mention but a few, should have being a thing of the past. But alas, each passing day in Rivers State , takes us back to the drawing table, scheming for a way out almost on a daily basis.

Dont think am a pessimist , no, am not. I am only trying to play safe so I wont get hurt at the end should governance be business as usual. Of a truth, Governor Amaechi has really had his head above water in the last 4 years and given all the awards and elevations he has enjoyed, I think he deserves to be told here at home that of a truth, he has tried.