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Sexual exploitation : Count me out. I demand payment, not sex for favours I give....Jerry Nwachukwu

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Nollywood producer/director, Jerry Nwachukwu also known as D-Don,joined the Nigerian movie industry over 13 years ago, he had high hopes of making great marks and also garnering enough cash for his efforts. But after 10 movies and nothing to write home about, he decided to take a leave from Nollywood for television productions. Few years after taking this decision, he thumbs his chest for his achievements in that sector so far. He shed light on a wide range of issues, especially the now sing song issue of sexual exploitation of upcoming actresses in Nollywood. He spoke to NFC VICTOR MORDY.

Sex-exploitation in Nollywood.
It's all crack talk. Why should I offer to help any girl in Nollywood just for few rounds of sex. It sounds really awkward to me, but if such thing really happens, it is very unfortunate.
I have never and will never involve myself in such mischief.. For me I look at every effort I make to upgrade or provide job for anybody, especially a girl, from a business point of view. I prefer to harass anybody I help financial, not sexually. By this I mean that I demand payment, not sex for favours I give.
What do I gain by offering my professional know-how for sex? It is ridiculous because it is a loose, loose situation, whichever way you look at it.
Let me add here, that we've had cases where these upcoming actresses are the ones who harass producers sexually.
The practice is the product of depraved minds in Nollywood, not that it is an accepted norm, or that only the males artistes are guilty.

Reason for abandoning the industry
The old distribution system was planned to fail from the unset. To make maters worse, the marketers who dictated the pace till now, were hell bent on remaining with the status quo, which by all indication tended to scuttle the growth of young and promising producers.
I decided to leave when I discovered that after producing ten films after over ten years romance with the industry, I had nothing to show for my efforts.
Also the issue of piracy, mostly perpetrated by the cabal helped keep them smiling to the bank, while independent producers went broke.

New distribution framework
The new distribution framework, recently enacted by the Nigerian Film and Video Censors board is good. It promises to take the industry to another level of great achievements, that is if the cabal and mafias that had kept the industry in bondage would allow it to work.

Government participation in Nollywood.
Right now their participation is not truly felt, except the present move by the Censors Board to re-organize our film distribution system. I believe government should encourage the growth of the industry as entertainment potentialities could generate a sizeable income for Nigeria .

Vision for Nollywood.
I wish we would begin to celebrate excellence through our productions instead of mediocrity, which was the order of the old system, and which succeeded in grounding the industry before now.
Professional scriptwriters should be the ones who develop and write stories rather than marketers and charlatans who don't know their left from their right. Just as good role interpreters should be used for movie roles rather than when a marketer dictates, by bringing a girl to play an important role because she is his girlfriend of sister.

Efforts on television
Through my outfit, Diamond-Gold Movies Network, I have two drama series running on four different television stations in Nigeria . The works are titled; “Subtle Scars” and “Dis & Dat”. They are currently running on MITV, TVC, ABS and NTA Benin.

I am a member of both the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN) and the Association of Movie Producers (AMP)
I hold multiple degrees in mass communication and also a degree in history/international relations, which I recently acquired from the Lagos State University .
I am happily married with two boys.