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Joshua Iniazu aka Solidstar hails from Isoko Local Government Area of Delta State, The last child of family of four, he was raised by his grandmother in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos, where he had his primary and secondary education.

Solidstar started his musical career in Ajegunle before meeting Ossy Paul Cole, CEO of Achievas Entertainment, who offered him a recording contract. Recently, he made a statement in the music industry with his debut single, One in a Million which features 2face Idibia. In January this year, he dropped another hit single entitled, One Man One Vote. In this interview with Blockbuster , Solidstar talks about his music, life experiences, regrets and Confused, his song that has remained controversial. Excerpts:

My father is late though my parents were divorced before his death. My mother is alive but I lived with my late grandmother who was a church pastor in Ajegunle. It wasn't easy then, sometimes we slept without eating but my grandmother did her best to give us life. I was happy growing up with her because I learnt a lot from her. I lived with my grandmother since when I was six years old till she died. I missed my mother's care.

Beginning of music career
I started singing when I was eight years old in my late grandmother's C & S church. I was a member of the church choir so after my secondary school I took music more professionally since I found passion in it. I also played drums in the church whenever our drummer didn't come to church. The name, Solidstar was given to me by my late grandmother who was a prophet in her church. She told me that I would be a star. My mother encouraged me to sing while my late father declined it. I thank God that my late grandmother's revelation has manifested. Though, I have been singing, I was signed on to Achieves Music just five years ago,

What my grandmother taught me
My grandmother taught me how to be industrious. As a child, we never relied on someone to survive rather we strove to make ends meet. This has been a part of me, and this principle of independence has actually helped me to succeed in life.

First album
My first album is One in a Million though we have not lunched it. It is a 14-track album. I decided to entitle it One in a Million because it was my first single that actually lunched me into the entertainment industry. I have also released my second album entitled One Man One Vote to encourage Nigerians to vote as well as the government to understand that we are going to vote for our candidate. We are working towards getting INEC to endorse the single.

My hair style
I want to have a unique look in the industry. I want people to recognize me with the hair style as my brand. Though, I used to wear dreadlock until I decided to create a different style by parking the dread up. I have a special stylist who takes care of my hair.

Working with 2face
I feel very delighted working with 2face. He has made my dream a reality because he is an artiste I respect so much. Featuring 2face in my hit track, One in a Million is the greatest thing I have ever achieved as an artiste because he is my role model. It wasn't easy to get 2face work with me but his relationship with my manager, Ossy made it a reality. It was also a great experience having 2face on set while shooting my musical video in Osun State. I really appreciate 2face for his kind nature, he is a very nice person and also very friendly and accommodating.

My musical video, Confused was based on a true life story. I caught my best friend in bed with my girlfriend. When the video was released, a lot of people thought I did it for them. In fact, the song caused me so much trouble as some people accused me of exposing their private lives. If you watch the video you will see how I walked into the room and saw them making love on my bed. I was angry but I had to leave the scene because I might harm them. So, whoever finds him or herself in such situation should try to control their anger. People should not allow their anger to make them do something they will regret later.

Not in love with a woman
I have never been in love with a woman and I'm not searching for love either. I have decided not to mix my career with women because they are distractions. I'm in love with my career. Ladies fling themselves at me but I turn them down. I only relate with women as fans. However, I wouldn't say what love really means until I meet the woman of my dream who will be the mother of my kids.

I regret the quarrel I had with my brother in Ajegunle which became bloody. I feel terribly bad whenever I see the mark on his body. In fact, I regret the anger that possessed me on that day. Though, we settled our differences after the fight, my regret is that anger made me stab the one I love dearly.