Real Livin' Films Announces Its Debut Release

By Real Livin' Films LLC
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Real Livin' Films LLC is pleased to announce its formation as a new and dynamic entrant on the African filmmaking scene.

African cinema as an industry and an art form has been transforming itself at the same time that historical, political and economic circumstances have changed.

"Real Livin' Films LLC is committed to identifying, developing, and promoting unique approaches to African Film informed by increased interest within the industry, and to make use of all appropriate technical and artistic approaches, film professionals and disciplines to create innovative and engaging entertainment products, " notes principal partner and Director of Marketing William Noelle. "Furthermore, recognizing that Africans and ethnicities of African descent are increasingly becoming interested in the growth and development of African film; Real Livin' Films plans on becoming a dynamic and engaging force that promotes African cultural perspectives, traditional beliefs and experiences."

In this vein, Real Livin Films LLC has released the Director's cut of God's Own Country. The movie is currently available exclusively for download at the Real Livin Films website:

The film chronicles the life of Ike Ajayi, an immigrant from Africa who came to get his piece of the "American pie" but soon finds that life in America isn't how it's depicted on television when he gets caught in a sinister web of deception, betrayal and greed.

God's Own Country is a gritty, true to form depiction of the trials and tribulations that face new citizens every day. "With God's Own Country, I wanted to take people down the path of an Immigrant, the arrival process, the expectations and all the pitfalls that happen in between," notes the Bronx-based director Femi Agbayewa. "All these different elements make up an experience, and I wanted this to be an inclusive story, rather than exclusively Nigerian. I think the ability to tell universal tales of the black experience should be the goal of Nollywood. That's why I attached USA at the end of it."

God's Own Country also has the distinct honor of being the first Nigerian film to play at the Toronto International Film Festival (

About Real Livin' Films LLC:

Real Livin' Films begins its dynamic production of African-themed projects with the launch of God's Own Country website, The flagship site for Real Livin' Films is an interactive site that allows visitors to become part of the "GOC experience." They are able to access character's bios, as well as read a diary account protagonist, Ike Ajayi, in his last day in Africa. The site also provides visitors with a glimpse into Real Livin' Films LLC vision of the future through the New Breed Blog; an innovative and interesting blog that raises the level of African film discourse. In the coming months, Real Livin' Films will announce its slew of diverse and creative film projects on



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