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It takes two to tango, so no man or woman is an island. In fact, two coming together, for instance, may produce a child. One of the principles upon which creation is based is duality or pairing. Up and down, male and female, two eyes, two ears and so on. Accounting principle is also based on two sides to a coin. The computer operates a binary code, off and on. In mathematics, both sides of the equation vary proportionately and must balance while Economists say 'all things being equal'. If we follow this rule, all will be well.

To produce a mandate therefore requires the candidate on the one hand and the electorate on the other. Whatever happens to or becomes of either party, as far as a mandate is concerned, must take into account the other, whether or not this is explicitly stated is immaterial because their binding relationship is implied under every circumstance. It is partly the reason why sovereignity is conferred by the people and legitimacy is lost when the people revolt, as we see presently in most of the Arab world.

Now, in our democracy, a governor is entitled to a tenure of four years which is the ordinary translation of his mandate and the electorate are bound to tolerate his regime for that duration with the option to renew or discard it thereafter. It is strange how this contract between 'the couple' is intepreted with some excuse bordering on technicality and statute in total disregard of the electorate. If the people cannot re-evaluate their governor in four years, it neutralises their franchise.

The Law must at all times imply balance and fairness, be blind to bias but certainly not blind to natural justice. It must perceive the spirit and essence of public good. There is difference between what happened in Anambra State concerning Peter Obi and Chris Ngige and what has taken place in the five states whose governors went to court. Whereas Chris Ngige was declared an impostor, the situation of the five states, however defined, only confirms that their excellencies were preferred from the onset.

So in practical reality Between those who say a glass is half full and those who say it is half empty, there is difference, though the character and content of the glass as well as the character and volume of the content remain the same. Zero has value, in its emptiness it still is greater than minus one to minus infinity, so a nulity does not in anyway change from the fact that there exists quantum.

Impersonation or any form of electoral crime ought to be punished and not for the people to become victims through no fault of theirs, especially when an annulment does not affect all the actions previously undertaken. How do we then discontenance Oath taken and a governor in waiting, as in the case of Andy Uba?

Well, I guess one cannot blam
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