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Months after Atlanta-based reggae-rock band, One Drop, decided to go their separate ways and pursue different careers, Moyeen, a member of that band that ruled the airwaves in Atlanta, USA, has decided to follow her music dreams and release her debut singles, Follow My Dreams, and Mr. Aristo. Both singles are currently enjoying high downloads on, and other video streaming sites.

Moyeen, who started music as a kid that spent hours learning lyrics and performing to her own reflection in a mirror, disclosed that her album's release was a feat she had always dreamt of attaining. 'Before, I used to look to the future for salvation and fulfillment; but now I see the present as a gift to be unwrapped and enjoyed daily. The time is now, live life and love now!' she said.

When asked how she felt after her reggae-rock group in Atlanta disbanded, Moyeen said, 'Disbanding was like an amputation. I needed a sedative; so I discovered Whiskey, my faithful guitar, which helped me forget all my sorrows.'

Moyeen further revealed that despite the disbandment her love for music only grew stronger, so she continued writing, singing, and performing at events.

She loved performing live, but paid for it with heavy eyelid at 8 a.m. classes. When asked why she stayed in school, she points her finger and affectionately mimics her mum's voice: 'Moyeen, you better read your books!'