By NBF News

Ordinarily I wouldn not have bothered myself but having known the power of information especially when such report has gone with negative propensity in lives of the readers, secondly having seen a woman that came inside the bus brandishing a copy of the END-TIME magazine, asking rhetorically if such report were not true the church should take the magazine to court, even the lady, Juliet, that granted the interview should be taken to court.

When one look at boisterous way that the woman exhibited her character, one begins to get worried if she has a stake in the whole affair.

Having studied the countenance of people inside the bus, some flabbergasted and some disappointed in the way and manner this particular woman handle the issue one cannot but try to put a piece like this to put the records in the right perspective. Juliet Ezeyin Idu aka 'Chosen Mopol' is a committed and Zealous sister in the Lord Chosen church, but with the turn of events, this could be likened to be zeal without knowledge and heart not regenerated because the 'Holy Book' says that a good man out of his good treasure of his heart bringeth good fruits and an evil man out of evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.

It also says out of the abundannce of heart the mouth speaketh. Therefore for her to malign and castigate the church shows that she has a hidden agenda .It is expedient to dissect some of the issues raised by Mrs Juliet namely that she has been brain washed by the General Overseer of the church to abandon her business.This is a blatant lie because even some of the branch pastors of the ministry have flourishing businesses. Some other issues she raised which are an after thought clearly show that this lady is been sponsored by enemies of the ministry who are jealous of the giant strides that the chosen church has made by the grace of God in its eight years of existence.

On Thursday the 16th of December 2010, during the counseling and deliverance service, the husband of a popular gospel artiste Chinyere Udoka was testifying how God healed him of kidney infection. According to him, he has visited the church the previous week where the man of God prayed and the word of knowledge about his case was mentioned and God gave him brand new kidney. According to Mr. Udoka he has been on dialysis that cost him N60,000 every 2 weeks. These are verifiable miraculous work of God that could be investigated by the doubting Thomases of our time like the End time magazine. Because often times people come to a church with one need or the other. After a while if those needs were not met they began to malign the church.

And Blasphemy is so dangerous because that is the only sin that the Bible says that it can never be forgiven either in the world or in the world to come Mtt. 12 vs 22-32. Therefore it is precarious for any Christian irrespective of denomination to speak ill of things that are sacrosanct. It was in the same vein that sometime ago one of the Leaders of the church was involved in adultery, and was sanctioned by the church authorities. Instead of being humble he chose to use the press. He went further to make claim of millions of Naira that he has invested in the church as if the church is now a busines enterprise.

All these chains of events did not come as a surprise to the church and its leadership because the kingdom of darkness is jitter, therefore they are doing everything either to ridicule the church or pull it down. 'I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it' Mtt 16 vs 18. As for the miracle in the Lord chosen they are real and cannot be faulted. Yours sincerely is recipient of God's blessing and miracles. I came to Lord chosen in November 2005 with the affliction and attack of succumbs spirit, in the Local parlance called spirit wife and few months later this problem that has lasted for over 15 years was rolled away.

Also in the Lord Chosen there has been countless of testimonies of healings of the dreaded human immune virus (HIV). This piece is not intended to join issues with anybody but would like all our actions to be judge by our conscience and God the final arbiter.

Tony Ukaegbu
Writes from Lagos,