VIDEO: Chris Akinyemi – Radio + Teenage Love

Source: Ovie O -

This kid right here is the definition of “love at first listen!”

So, I ran into Ladybrille's “Artist To Watch” article on one of my very frequent visits to her site. At first, I felt this was another Naija boy tryin' to go the yankee route without any real bite… till I pushed the “PLAY” button. That was it for me!

Chris Akinyemi is a young (he just turned 21 today) Nigerian singer/songwriter based in New Jersey and is relatively new. He's currently pushing his two singles “Radio” and “Teenage Love” heavily in the United States but still isn't signed to any major record label. I don't know if it's the Nigerian in me that's talking, but I feel Chris has what it takes to make it anywhere in the world! Watch/listen to both songs and tell me you're not impressed…