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Do Angels Really Exsist?

By Melanie Miller
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Do you believe in angels? or not? I believe there are heavenly angels. Once, in my home, I was about to fall backwards and I felt as if some force or an angel helped me from falling. Also once I seen many angels in my home and when one of my son's came home from school one day and he was about 10 yrs. old, he said,to me.."why are all these angels in here?" So I was not the only one whom seen them.

I was outside one night with both my sons, and we all seen lights like candles in the church and it was like 10 p.m. so I knew church services was not going on. Angels to me are very real.

One time, I was at my home and I heard the voice of an angel tell me my son broke his leg so I rushed over to the trailor he was playing in with a friend and he had fallen from a bunk bed and did indeed break his leg and which I cried and cried, but he recovered from this accident many yrs. ago.

So do you believe in angels exsistance or not? Are you skeptical and wonder if angels exsist? I dream about things at night and sometimes my dreams come true and I feel like an angel made me have dreams to tell me I feel angels can do this for people, and do you believe in psychics, as I have had many psychic experiences and maybe it could of been an angel letting me know something. This one woman lost her daughter and I told the mother what happened and how she died, that an angel had sent me to talk to this mother, she was sad over her daughters death but she found closure.

Do you feel we live in a world where there are angels? Once as I had to go to the hospital, a woman told me she was watching over me and she claimed she was a human angel, to me..her name was Angela, and I have seen her at other times in a store and we chat now and then. I also think I seen an angel walking once one sunny day, and I seen her wings, something told me to look at the woman and I knew I seen angelic wings on her back. She smiled at me and waved at me. Some people may believe me and some may not, but I know what I seen and I am certain there are angels living amongst us right now on this earth, and there will be 144,000 angels in heavens that will judge us one day, I do believe this is the number as the bible tells us that there will be 144,000 people that do go to heaven and once you're in heaven, wouldn't you become an angel then? I feel this to be truth anyways. Some folks may believe there are angels that watch over us and some do not. Some people want to go to heaven and some wish to remain here on earth, and maybe there will be a new and better earth one day, not full of heartache, misery and crime and sadness. Maybe there is a Superior Being that will make sure all the wicked ones will no longer be in exsistance one sweet day and that the earth will be full of grace and peace, hope faith and love. We all need a place to dwell in like this. Some folks that told me they did not care if they went to hell must live a sad life. I have talked to others if they wished to see heaven or not- and some said they never want to go to heaven but live forever on earth. I myself feel one day, I will be an angel on earth so I can watch over everyone and see to it they do nothing wrong, and just to help others is all I want to do. Well I hope my story/article enlightened you and I sincerly hope you decide what is right in your heart to feel about the power that angels possess and if you feel that there are not angels in this earth then this is entirely up to you, as for me..I feel there are good angels that watch over people, we just need to see them to believe in them I suppose or to hear them talk to us as angels have spoken to me in the past, and I know things ahead of time as I have heard an angel speak to me and I have even met others that told me they have heard an angel as well as seen one. So believe what you wish to believe, as is your choice alone to make and not for anyone else to influence you. Thank you for reading my article, it is much appreciated. Have a nice day!

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