How it is made: Let's talk movie efx please

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Watching some Nolly/African movies sometimes, I truly wish they would stop trying to do some silly things like:

1.pouring dusting powder on a character's head to show 'old age'
2.putting dark eye shadows to depict 'stress', when it comes off as gothic
3.wasting ketchup in the quest to create 'blood loss'
4.using bangers in place of real gun shot sounds
5.using very fake looking guns, where there are almost-real looking toy guns out there
6.etc etc

What do you think? What ideas do you have that people can use to make some effects as realistic as possible?

As Nollywood is getting all these international exposure now, how can we at least, make movies that do not look like some kindergarten's Halloween project, in the name of 'effects'

Let's discuss please. Share your ideas. Give it a heading. Share tips. Cheaper alternatives to achieving results.

Especially in the areas of make-up and sound effects.

The clip here is something that would cost as much as $10,000.00 and we know Nolly has not gotten to that stage yet....and for the duration it takes to make that one, very realistic face (one month), is exactly how long a Nollymovie would be shot and edited! lol. We know our people got no patience......
So, what are 'short cuts' ways to almost real - effects?