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Dreams and Desires

By Melanie Miller
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Whenever I look at you, I see a mountain of beauty staring back at me.

When I see you walk, it is graceful and lovely to behold.

I will love you even when you grow old.
Your love is beautiful and sweet.
I can not believe how you swept me off my feet.
You're my dream come true, and I love only you!
We wore meant to be together as one.
You are my only desire and only you can ignite this fire within my very soul.

With you, I lose all control and want for you alone.

You're the one I always dreamt of and you are the angel sent from the heavens above.

So..stay with me my sweet love and never leave my side.

Together we can slide down that rainbow of hidden dreams and desires,

and find one another laughing and playing in the rain.

You are the one for me tis' true and you take away any sadness or blue.

I will love you for eternity and then some, and you will always be the one dream,

I have longed for, for ever more.

the end